Chad Rowe is a Real Meal Revolution trained Certified Banting Coach

Chad Rowe is a Real Meal Revolution trained Certified Banting Coach (CBC), who has changed his life with Banting and wants to help you to change yours!

Chad has changed his life through his successful Banting journey. Chad wants to share his newfound knowledge as a CBC and his personal Banting experience with his Real Group members. Real Groups are Banting Support Groups that are available as both Online and Face-to-Face Groups. As a member of a Real Group you no longer have to Bant alone!

Chad offers up the following “banter” on his personal journey:

“Real Story:”

My Banting Journey began when I turned the milestone age of 40. I knew I had to make significant changes to my health and wellness. I had tried various diets and eating plans in the past, but every time I had failed miserably.

While contemplating these lifestyle changes, I watched an Australian film called “That Sugar Film,” which opened my eyes to the devastating effects of sugar on the human body. I then found another film called “Cereal Killers” which subsequently led to my enrolment to “The Beginner Banting Online Program” on Real Meal Revolution’s website.

I would be lying if I told you that every day Banting was easy but with the support and encouragement of those around me, it’s been a successful journey. Reducing the amount of carbs and sugar I eat has had such a positive effect on my life. Today I feel far more relaxed; I can think clearly, and my concentration is vastly improved. I have also been able to sleep better at night, and I very rarely fall ill. The mostrewarding outcome of all; is that my friends and family areamazed at my progress.

“Real Influence:”

I have now been given the opportunity to get involved with Real Meal Revolution as a Certified Banting Coach. It will be such a privilege to help other people along their journeys. Join my meeting groups and let me help you too!

Chad knows what it is like to feel as though your life is compromised by your physical and mental health. He overcame these struggles through bringing Banting into his life, and he can help you to do the same.