Marlinda Rudolph used Banting to stop the yo-yoing of her weight and emotions!

Before Banting Marlinda Rudolph felt like both her weight and emotions were on a rollercoaster ride.

Many of us can relate to feeling like the ups and downs of our weight only lead to further ups and downs of our emotions. Marlinda knew this feeling all too well, until she started Banting. Other eating plans left Marlinda feeling despondent and out of control, Banting helped Marlinda regain this control of her weight and subsequently her emotions. She wants to help others, just like you, to once again feel as though you have power over your body, mind, and soul.

That is why Marlinda has trained with Real Meal Revolution to become a Certified Banting Coach so that she can offer her Real Groups this empowerment through Banting.

Marlinda shares some ‘banter’ on her personal Banting Journey:

“The journey from my BB days (Before Banting days) to now (what I call my Real Life), has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride! The best possible way to describe my BB days would be to say that I felt like a “yo-yo”; my weight and emotions were constantly going up and down. Having struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager, I later found myself at the other extreme – as an overweight adult.

Before discovering Banting I had tried every eating plan and ‘miracle product’ on the market but still could not lose any weight. My emotions were a mess. I couldn’t get thinner which made me feel depressed and enter a vicious cycle of eating to fill the void.

At my worst I was overweight, unhappy and unhealthy. I was always feeling tired and unproductive. My self-esteem was low, and my relationships suffered as a result. I had heard of Banting but never tried it because it encouraged the consumption of fats, which stood in stark contrast to what I had been misled to believe constituted a healthy diet. I then met someone who had lost a lot of weight after being introduced to Banting by their cardiologist brother.

Intrigued, but still not entirely convinced, I started researching Banting and was pleasantly surprised to see how much research had been done on the subject. It all started to make sense to me. I was most excited to learn that food wasn’t the culprit, but rather carbs and sugars were! As soon as I started to eat real food, my body and I became friends again. Instead of poison, food became my medicine.

Today I have lost a substantial amount of weight, and I am living a wonderfully productive life because of Banting. With many family members and friends having joined me on this journey, I have celebrated their physical transformations and victories with them as they become whole in mind, body and spirit. As a Certified Banting Coach, I want to empower and support people to find this balance and lead the life they were designed to live.”