How Banting Can Help Your Children

My son asked me why he should eat this way, and I said that we’re on a mission to turn him into a little superhero, and he replied, “Let’s do it!”

Christina and her family recently moved back to South Africa from England.

Due to their Afrikaans heritage, she wanted to send her son to an Afrikaans school, as it was important for him to learn the language and culture, but growing up in England had made him very British.

Relocating, learning Afrikaans, starting a new school and starting grade one made last year a very tumultuous year for him.

Being a bright, hard-working and determined young man, he had grasped the language by the third term and understood all of the work, but he was still getting zero for tests every Friday.

Christina spoke to his teachers and ascertained that he was having trouble concentrating in class.

Christina’s mother has been Banting for years, and although she has always been healthy, Christina couldn’t help but notice the remarkable changes in her, and stated that she looks better now than she did before having kids.

Determined to see her son succeed, Christina decided to put him on a Banting-type diet – so she cut out all of the sugar and all of the wheat.

For the first three weeks on this new way of eating he was still getting zero for the tests, but his results on week four showed a surprising 70% mark, which was for Afrikaans spelling – a language he had only started learning the same year.

Ever since then he has maintained a 70% mark for spelling tests on Fridays.

Christina says, “His “wheat” tummy is slimming down slowly but surely. He’s not overweight, but has a bit of a belly, which I would call a wheat belly, and now it’s slimming down.”

“He has more energy, but it’s a good energy. He used to throw the odd tantrum when upset about something. Now, all of a sudden he’ll get upset, think logically about why he is upset and won’t throw the tantrum.”

“His focus and concentration have risen to a level where he now consistently beats his golf group every week. He’s seven years old and plays with the 9-12year olds. He was put in that class due to talent, but since Banting it’s improved considerably to the point where he now beats them every week.”

“One could say he’s grown up a lot this year and at seven the rate of development is tremendous, but I’ve definitely seen a great change in my son since he’s been Banting and it’s definitely turned him into a little superhero.”

“He asked me why he is eating this way, and I just said, we’re on a mission to turn you into a little superhero, and he replied, ok, let’s do it!”

“And it’s literally done just that, he’s the best he can be!”

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