Banting Athlete to Swim from New York to London

Michael Ventre is a full-time IT infrastructure engineer living in London with a dream to swim the Atlantic, and change the lives of millions living in extreme poverty.

Michael has had this dream for nine years since August 2007, and it will finally become a reality on 2 April 2017, if he can raise enough money for his boat and crew. You can help him get there.


His intention is to be the first person to swim 3800 miles (6116kms) from New York to London for Oxfam, a charity in 96 countries with the aim to alleviate extreme poverty by 2030.

This swim is going to take Michael about six months to complete. He will face many challenges along the way, including unpredictable weather and loads of jellyfish.

Jonno, who swam from Mozambique to Madagascar, was stung over 9000 times. We hate to imagine the pain and exhaustion Michael will be going through, in aid of a wonderful cause.

Not only does Michael intend to swim 3800 miles, but he will be doing it fat-adapted while following a Banting diet, which goes against much of the school of thought for open swimming.

Most believe that you need to be fat to ward off the cold, which gives you free reign to eat copious amounts of processed carbs like ice cream, bread, and pasta. Michael followed this unhealthy eating plan until the day that he couldn’t swim all the way to France because he lacked the energy and was too fat.

He decided in February 2016 that he needed to lose weight to be more of an athlete. He wants to be in the best shape he can be in for his world record swim. Being from Southern Africa he had heard of Banting and decided to give it a try, and has lost 14kgs since then. At the age of 38, he is now swimming like he did when he was 19 years old, he says. Losing weight was a fantastic side-effect, he feels amazing and healthy, with energy levels through the roof.

In the below interview with Jonno he talks about why he is doing this, his swimming route, his daily swimming and eating routine during this immense journey, the Channel Association rules he must follow, and much more.

To help Michael with sponsorship and to raise enough money to get the world record swim underway, click on the links below.


We admire Michael for his strength and dedication to a worthy cause and look forward to following his progress.

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