Banting saved Adrienne’s entire family’s life

Adrienne is a Real Meal Revolution trained Certified Banting Coach

Real Meal Revolution is here to guide you on your Banting journey, by offering support and encouragement to ensure that it’s a successful one. This support comes in the form of Certified Banting Coaches (CBCs) and their Real Groups; Banting support groups that are run either online or face-to-face, and are aimed at ensuring you never have to Bant alone again.

Adrienne Oliver is one such CBC, who wants to help Real Meal Revolution change the world, by helping you to change your life.

Adrienne offers up the following “banter” on her personal journey:

“Real Story:”

Banting has saved my entire family’s life.

My son Peter has Drug Resistant Epilepsy and our Paediatric Neurologist advised us to try go Ketogenic (LCHF), but we failed dismally each time as there was nobody to assist us. The only advice we were offered then, was to watch the film “First do no Harm” and join Matthews Friends in the UK and the Charlie Foundation. Having been a Medical Representative, the Ketogenic lifestyle was against all my training. However, the film, the foundations and the help of a friend began to alter my perception and gave us the backing we needed to get started.

We then began to empty all carbohydrates, sugar, and additives from our pantry and fridge. Within the first 24 hours my son became seizure free and has remained so. Peter started reading again and was able to play with his yo-yo. It is now a year later, and he has been accepted back into school. In terms of weight loss; Peter has lost 30kgs, my husband 10kgs and me a whopping 62kgs.

“Real Influence:”

I want to motivate people to not give up! Failure today is the inspiration to succeed tomorrow. I will use humour and brutal honesty to get my message across. My objective is to make Banters’ journeys FUN. As an ex-Medical Representative, I know that knowledge is power, and I will thus always ensure I have complete knowledge on Banting.

Adrienne’s journey and transformation have indeed been remarkable! It may have begun at a difficult time, but it has helped to change her and her family’s life for the better. She wants to help share this change with her Real Groups.

Despite Adrienne’s hardship, she aims to bring the unique approach of humour and fun to her Real Groups. This approach is great for Banters who feel intimidated by the whole process, as the fun and light-hearted environment will help you to feel more comfortable within the group setting.