Keto Diet


Lose 1kg per week without exercising or starving yourself for $14, £11 or R200 per month

I’m a Million Cabbage Soup Diets in and I’m Still Exactly Where I Started: Overweight and Starving.”
Sound Familiar?

Let’s face it, there is zero upside to being overweight. It’s all bad. Yet somehow you stay stuck in the same unhealthy eating habits that pack on even more pounds. You’re depressed, lethargic and you despise the way you look. The scale has moved from the garage to the bathroom and back again more times than you can count. To make matters worse, you’ve tried every fad diet out there, and nothing works.

So, what’s the conclusion? “There must be something wrong with me.”

The good news is that there isn’t.
There’s nothing wrong with you. The odds have been stacked against you from the start. What you’ve been taught about food and exercise is wrong.

You Don’t Have to Pound the Treadmill or Starve to Lose Weight

The conventional advice we’re all fed from a young age is that weightloss is pretty straightforward: Burn more calories than you put in. It’s all about will power. Self-control and discipline. It’s also not true.

Exercise is great for your overall health, but it’s not particularly helpful for weight loss. Although 100% of the energy we consume comes from food, we can only burn 10% to 30% through exercise. That’s why you can never outrun a bad diet. 

In fact, what you eat has a bigger impact on your weight than how much you eat. Because certain foods make you store fat, while others help you burn fat. 

And, some foods make you hungry and lethargic, while other foods make you feel full and energised. 

What you need is a sustainable habit of eating delicious foods that fill you up and help you lose weight without you feeling like you’re missing out, starving, or needing to exercise to burn off what you ate. 

What you really need to do to lose weight and keep it off, is to…

Your Weight-Loss Success Story Begins With REAL MEAL REVOLUTION

Real Meal Revolution uses Banting, Low-Carb or Keto to transform your health, and transform your life.

Banting, Low-Carb or Keto are different names for the same diet that is low-carb, gluten-free, sugar-free, healthy fat diet that puts your body into a state called ‘Ketosis’ which charges your body to use your body’s stored fat for fuel, so that you lose weight fast.

And once you’ve tapped into fat burning mode (ketosis), you stop feeling hungry because your body is comfortably fueling itself on your belly, butt, bingo wings and other bulges. 

It gets better. Because you’re not that hungry, and your metabolism is burning fat while you sleep, read, cooking or do pretty much anything, you don’t need to exercise. In fact, exercise is discouraged because it will make you tired and hungry. 

It has also been scientifically proven to reverse Type 2 Diabetes along with many symptoms of metabolic syndrome including high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity and other chronic illnesses.

The Real Meal Revolution is the fastest route to a slimmer you, and a rich and fulfilling life with the confidence and energy you need to do the things you love. 

And that’s not all…

Weight loss without hunger or exercise
Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes
Disappearance of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Normalised blood pressure
Vastly improved sleep
Boundless energy
Improved athletic performance
Reduced achy bones and joints
Reduction in heart burn
Reversal of PCOS
Clearance of gout
Reduction in migraines and epileptic seizures
Improved libido
Vastly improved mental clarity
Reduction in chronic inflammation
Is This Backed by Science? Absolutely. Check out these clinical trials for yourself

What the experts say

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The Kilo-Crushing Kickstart course is a compact crash course of the essentials you need to immediately stop the downward spiral and take control of your weight and you health without any fancy medicine, supplements or exercise. And all of this at a fraction of the normal cost.



I'm READY FOR transformation!

Real Meal Revolution (RMR) Has Been at the Forefront of Food Transformation for almost a Decade
With The Real Meal Revolution, my greatest achievement has been creating a menu for the world that has made every day more special, and enabled people to live richer and more memorable lives.

Be it high performance, environmentally friendly or health focused, my purpose remains the same.

To transform life on earth through better eating.

Jonno Proudfoot

CEO of the Real Meal Revolution

Since using RMR Online, I’m 22kgs down, I no longer need medication for inflammation, bladder infections, plantar fascitis, daily headaches, menstrual problems and cellulite!Having your macros auto-calculated is such a win. Not having to weigh your food makes things so easy, and the shopping lists are so helpful for busy people. I loved trying a new delicious recipe each week. I had not realised how high my carb intake was until a started using the tracker, but once I had them uner 50g things started to change on the scale and with my inflammation.The dashboard is great too – housing everything where you need it and helping you catch up on meetings you missed, with loads of helpful information at your fingertips.
Be it high performance, environmentally friendly or health focused, my purpose remains the same.To transform life on earth through better eating.

Jhanine Honeyman, 51

Cape Town, South Africa | Lost: 18kg and 20cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Once you get the hang of things you will be eating delicious, filling, nourishing dishes as a habit. You will never feel restricted. 

It depends on a number of factors. It will slow down your progress, but there is no morality there. Each person is different, and you can decide on how to approach this. We don’t call it cheating though. We call it celebrating. There are also in-depth discussions on the psychology of weight loss, cheat meals, bingeing, shame and more in some of our premium programs. 

Absolutely. Knowledge is the key to reclaiming your health and power. Understanding the ways in which your body responds to certain foods is how you escape from a life of chronic yo-yo dieting.

Look, eating healthy is unfortunately not cheap. It’s part of the problem. However, the longer term medical and emotional costs of being overweight far outweigh the short-term costs of transforming your lifestyle.

Your schedule is the clearest indicator of what matters to you. If you’re ready to get serious about your health or your weight, you’ll make time for it. Rope in the entire family: bond, have fun and transform together while you’re trying new recipes!

YES! Our record is 31kg in three months, with many people losing up to 12kg in the initial 12 weeks. It depends on how well you follow the plan and how well your body reacts to the diet – every body is different 🙂

No. You can get away with never cooking actually. But we’d like you to. You can eat this way without cooking, but that leaves the deliciousness in someone else’s hands. If you’re terrified of the kitchen, that’s cool, we get it. We will encourage you to cook recipes, or try new things, as we move you away from eating junk. That is all part of you reinventing your relationship with food. But only when you’re ready. If you’re never ready, that’s cool too. You can still get outrageous results without cooking.

There are numerous benefits to the keto diet, and yes, it is safe. However, there are often drastic improvements in the first few weeks which may affect your required dose of certain medications. If you have been diagnosed with any of the following, we advise you to notify your doctor as soon as possible so they can monitor your progress. High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Sleep apnoea, Kidney disease, Heart disease, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Epilepsy, Chronic inflammation.

The KICKSTART meal plan forms a low carb, healthy fat diet designed to get your body into a state where your body burns its own fat (the fat you want to lose) for fuel. This state is called ketosis, and the diet is called a ketogenic diet. You can make our guidelines work with the food you are already eating, or you can choose between following a meal plan or creating your own plans based on our delicious recipes. As long as you are eating low carb, nutrient dense foods (and preferably enjoying them perfectly cooked and well-flavoured), we are happy, and you will get results.

I'm sold. nothing left to debate. SIGN ME UP!