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As the founders of Banting, we have developed specific tools and support plans to help you live your best life by getting you lean and healthy.

Find a Coach Online Program

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"I chat to many people in groups and privately who struggle to grasp the concept of Banting. Until I joined a group myself, I was blind. I had great results, but probably would be further along and have prevented many missteps, had I had guidance from a coach from the beginning."
- Nawaar Railoun*

Banting Support Groups

Banting is easier when we share and work together. Find the support model that works best for you; choose from an online community forum, personal coaching or group interaction. Together, we can help you live your best Banting life.*

Weekly Meal Plans

We have a whole range of meal plans to suit every taste and occasion, including meal plans for families, vegetarians and pescatarians. Get a new meal plan every single week!*

Cooking Demos & Recipes

Jonno will teach you about eating real food through cooking demos, video lectures and delicious recipes.*

Track Your Success

The best way to stay in control of your Banting journey is by using our specially designed tools such as our meal tracker and carb counter.*