Riette Basson

Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town
Before Weight:
After Weight:
Banting Strictness:

I am a very active person, but also a working mom who has a lot on her plate. I have always been on a ‘healthy diet’…the so called low-fat one, but always had to take lots of snacks to work to keep me going during the day. Despite the fact that I have been training hard and ‘eating right’ I also could not shed those extra few kilograms.

I read the Real Meal Revolution book after I heard about it from one of my running partners. From Easter weekend last year I decided to follow this lifestyle.

I have never looked back. I feel absolutely wonderful, never get that afternoon slump anymore. I have lots of energy and can keep up with my busy lifestyle. I have lost 6 kgs, improved my 10km time with 4 minutes to a sub 50 and my 21km time with a whopping 10 minutes.

I have converted my husband to the same lifestyle and he has lost 10kgs and a lot of belly fat. He looks healthy and feels great.

Something that is bad for your health can definitely not make you feel so energetic and healthy. I used to feel run-down, especially when I train hard, but now I have enough energy and changed from a ‘back-runner’ to a ‘front-runner’, and that at 43. Amazing!!!