Mike Murphy

Age: 57
Country: South Africa
City: Natal Midlands

Lost 20kg
Start Weight 123kg
Current Weight 103kg

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Here is a personal letter I received from Mike after his success with our RMR Coaching Program…

“Hi Jonno

I am fortunate to live with my family in a really beautiful part of the KZN Midlands and spend most of my time out of doors running our dairy farm together with my wife and daughters. Despite being reasonably fit and active, several tough years had led to me losing focus on maintaining my health and I had drifted along gaining more and more weight until by the start of 2021 I weighed 123 kg.

My visits to the doctor were becoming more frequent and I was being prescribed a number of tablets and pills to keep an increasing number of health issues at bay. I found myself suffering from gastric reflux, high cholesterol and was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. My energy levels had declined and I felt that I was dragging myself through each day. I was acutely aware that if I didn’t make significant changes to my lifestyle, I would be at risk of continuing this slow decline into really poor health.

I have a healthy relationship with food and enjoy preparing and cooking food and I’m fortunate not to suffer from any disorders relating to food or eating. Before engaging with RMR I had tried various diets and eating plans, none of which had any noticeable effect on my weight although I was eating more healthy foods, being more active and had reduced my alcohol intake.

I bought a copy of the “Real Meal Revolution – the Tim Noakes Diet” some years ago and tried a few of the recipes and really enjoyed them. The principles of the Real Meal Revolution sounded attractive and the more I read about the benefits of reducing carbohydrate intake the more interested I became in trying out the RMR diet. I battled though, to understand how to relate my macros to an actual meal. What portion size was I allowed and what percentage of my macros did it contain? Was I on the right track or not? Who could I approach for advice?

I stumbled on the RMR website while I was on the internet looking for answers to these questions. What really got my attention was that RMR had a coaching option included in their offering. I’m not sure that I had any clearly defined expectations when I signed up for the 12 Week Coaching Program, other than being hopeful that working with a coach would clear up some of the mysteries and that with a bit of luck I’d manage to lose some weight.

Sharon Atkins was assigned as my coach and right from the start Sharon’s coaching made the Keto diet simple and understandable and the results I’ve had so far prove that. The 12 week online course contains information in the form of tutorials and videos covering a variety of topics, broken down into 12 bite-sized modules. Although there is a massive amount of information contained in the weekly modules, it is never so much as to make you feel overwhelmed.

I can’t thank Sharon enough for her constant support, encouragement and ensuring my accountability. The online course has taught me so much about the human condition surrounding lifestyle change, developing healthy nutritional habits. The improved overall health, increased energy levels and general vitality that I now enjoy are additional rewards over and above the 20 kg’s that I have lost over the last 12 weeks.

The journey carries on though – having started with a weight of 123 kg’s I am down to 103 kg’s today. I still have around 10kg to shed before I am at my goal weight. Once I reach that goal, there will be plenty to learn about how to maintain the gains that I have made. “