Lee-ann Patrick Forshaw

Country: South Africa
City: Durban
Weight Lost:
CM Lost:

I saw food as a comfort, I ate whenever I was emotional and at that time in my life that was everyday. Once I had eaten it made me feel gross and embarrassed.

My lows were not wanting to see other people or to go out and wear nice clothes. My high was seeing myself after all the hard work I put in as well as also knowing I have strong determination and the will power to achieve anything I put my mind too.

I had no physical energy, I was extremely depressed and anxious all of the time.

I hated my body and never thought I would be able to change it.

I started working on my mental health first and as that got better I found the strength to work on my physical health. I also wanted to look beautiful for my wedding so this also gave me inspiration to work on myself.

I first discovered the books, then later on I decided to see if there was a website. I was happy to find one and was super excited to see that RMR had a group that I could join and have some company on my journey.

I was expecting a meal plan but I got a whole lot of mental support, something I wasn’t expecting, as well as food advice from the weekly dietician talks. Having these weekly talks with the dietician and the Mindset Workshops really helped keep me motivated. I also learned how to eat well and not starve. I had constant support from my coach as well, whom I kept in contact with daily.

It was very different, no starving, low fat horrible food. I got to eat most of the things I love as well as easily adapt my current way of eating. This made healthy eating much easier to follow and stick too. My family also loved the food which meant I didn’t have to cook separate meals for myself.

The most significant change for me is definitely improved mental health – this was a big bonus! I never thought I would be able to look at my reflection, but now every time I see myself I get a little surprise and a great big grin! I now have mounds of confidence, I don’t feel I need to prove myself by working endlessly.

I’ve lost 35kg and 31cm around my waist. I’ve gone down 6 dress sizes. I’m happier, mentally and physically. I can exercise, run around with my kids and I feel like I have turned back into my younger self. I no longer feel old and frumpy. I feel strong and beautiful. I also stopped taking some of the medication I was on, as my body was eating well, and I didn’t need meds to help my body survive anymore.

I think every single person on the PLANET can benefit from RMR. It’s not only weight loss, it’s great way to stay healthy mentally and physically. When you stop eating junk processed food, your body is so happy and many things change.

I couldn’t have done this without RMR by my side. Jonno and his team are amazing. I also had a lot of support from my family. THANK YOU for changing my life RMR.