Karen Castopoli

Age: 57
Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg





Before RMR, I absolutely took my health for granted! Always seemed to have good health but did overindulge so often then would immediately exercise like crazy to maintain weight.


Me and food…


I am married to an Italian, food is very important to Italian families so I adapted a huge love of food very shortly after we met, he is a brilliant cook and taught me straight away how to

appreciate and enjoy the best and the freshest ingredients and having lived in Italy for ten years I grew to really love food. My British upbringing meant that I ate very bland, over cooked and mostly tasteless food, so it did not excite me much!


About my health…


The last few years have been a bit of an issue due to bad eating and not enough exercise and that has certainly contributed towards the weight gain. I started feeling a bit depressed about my lack of strength and not being able to walk very far without feeling pins and needles in my feet. I often had to stop to rub my toes and feet! I seem to be retaining water in my hands and had quite a lot of pain and inflammation as well! Always exhausted and grumpy by the time the evening came, scoffing dozens of sweets for a quick pick me up! I reached 75 kg and absolutely despised what I saw in the mirror!! Felt very unattractive and definitely not at all interested in a love life! Did not want my hubby to look at my podgy body! My cholesterol was so high and I was showing signs of osteoarthritis.


What changed?


Having been pretty happy with myself for most of my life , I did not like who I had become , sad antisocial and a lack of confidence . My self-confidence was at an all-time low! So I decided to change my way of eating and dump my addiction to sugar and refined carbs for good and I really want to make healthier choices for my future!


Discovered RMR a few years ago when I was looking for a magic cure for weight loss! Got the book and really did lose the weight within a short time but unfortunately my mind-set was all wrong! I understand now that this is not a diet but rather an incredible lifestyle to follow forever!




Always hoping for a quick fix and an immediate result, what I got was an education on the wonders of food and the absolute boost in my energy levels that I don’t even remember ever



What has changed?


Things are so different for me right now starting with my self confidence. My energy is endless and I actually look forward to every meal that I prepare! It’s no longer just a chore for me. I really love cooking now and have tried to make a lot of healthy seed crackers etc.


Tried so many diets EVEN got prescriptions for appetite suppressants! Lost 2kg to 5kg then quickly gained them back with a few extra!!


And, the stats…


I started in January at 75.5kg. I don’t think I was over the Christmas binge and therefore it took me a few weeks to settle down and I realised that I needed the help. I joined the RMR One-on-One Keto Coaching and never looked back! I am currently sitting at 62.9kg. Start bust was 112 cm Waist 95cm Hip 115 Currently its Bust 95cm Waist 74cm Hip 96 cm.


If you are the kind of person who really loves life and wants a healthy future to grow older in a way that will allow you to be able to enjoy your grandchildren etc. then please don’t waste

another day trying to talk yourself out of signing up to this wonderful programme! My confidence is back to an all-time high. I FEEL great and am so happy with the way that I look in my clothes and I no longer find myself dodging mirrors and friends whom I haven’t seen in a year !!


Covid has put a stop to any socialising etc. but I am looking forward to when I can enjoy dressing up and going out with friends etc. my husband is very happy that I am back to my old

self and not so depressed all the time!