Irina Seewoosungkur

Age: 45
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A letter from a raging fan of RMR and our Eating Psychology Online Transformation Program

Hello, my name is Irina!

I am Fitness and Nutrition coach and Director of Treemed Slimming centre in Mauritius.

I learned about Keto diet in 2013 from a Nutritional Doctor from SA who held a workshop in Mauritius on Low Carbs diet topic.

I started to follow the Keto diet in july 2013. Being on a Keto diet I was able to completely treat my GERD problem and I lost 10kgs at the same time.

Then, because I experienced fantastic results I started offering keto advice to the clients at my slimming centre. The knowledge I had was based on my own experience and on knowledge I got from doctors who publish in YouTube their research on Keto diet.

I saw miracles in front of my eyes – people were losing 20 -25 kgs in 6 months, 40 kgs in a year. They were also getting huge health benefits like reversing diabetes, pcos, inflammatory conditions, and many more. But, some of my clients could not maintain the weight loss forever even after absolutely fantastic results.

When times got tough, they would forget the Keto diet and all the benefits they had and would put on weight again. Many of the clients were motivated to restart and lose weight again, but many did not.

I felt helpless and asked the question – Why are we falling off the wagon and sometimes have no courage to jump back? There must be something that I don’t know? There must be some knowledge beyond following eating from the green list? But what is that Knowledge?

I joined RMR in 2016 for the first time and got access to all scientific knowledge which RMR had provided but lost touch over time until the middle of 2021. I was overjoyed to find out about the Eating Psychology Online Transformation Program. The main reason I joined the program was to get all the knowledge so I would be able to help more people. But when I joined this awesome program I discovered much more than I expected to.

I discovered that before I could start helping people, my first responsibility was to help myself. Before I could think of improving all relationships with the world around me I discovered that first of all I need to improve my relationships with myself. This program helped me to find answers to very deep internal personal questions.

Questions like, ‘Why do we behave in one way but not in another way?’

‘Why do we struggle to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves?’

‘Why do we forget our goals when we are in stress, and how to solve this?’

‘Why can’t we control food cravings?’

‘How to break old destructive habits and how to build new habits?’

As a result of this program I am thrilled with my own personal transformation.

I am a totally different person now. Not only do I feel it myself but people notice it in me. Prior to the program I was thinking that I was ok with my weight as it was in the normal range. I lost an additional 8 kgs during the program! My dress size went from L to M!

I learned how to put myself into ketosis any time I want. My relationship with myself and with food and with the world around me is completely different now. I dare to set more new weight loss goals and I am confident to reach them. It was the transformation from within that happened.

How can I save others if I am not feeling safe myself? How can I put an oxygen mask on others if I don’t have oxygen myself? The Eating Psychology Program has given me more than I expected. I cannot describe the experience – people have to experience it themselves. What I can surely say is that during this Eating Psychology Program, for the first time in my 45 years of my life I dug so deep inside my soul to discover myself.

If you are the kind of person who feels stuck with so many questions in your mind about your eating, and you cannot find answers, this program is for you. If you struggle with relationships in your life that cause you to overeat, this program is for you! If you have problems with relationships with food (food binging, overeating, struggle to control cravings, not able to stay focused on your weight loss goals) this program is definitely for you.

I am endlessly thankful to RMR for this brilliant program. I feel that God sent me this opportunity to follow this program in time when I needed it the most. Changing any things outside our mind or outside our body is the second step, but the first and most important step is to make that challenging transformation inside your mind and inside your body – that is the true benefit of the program.

‘If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place