Bacon Asparagus And Soft-boiled Eggs

This is a delicious warm salad recipe.

1 Serving

250 g streaky bacon
40 g butter
4 large eggs
200 g asparagus spears
50 g rocket (or arugula)


Get a small pot 1 of water on to boil

Fry the streaky bacon in the butter in a heavy-based frying pan
until crispy, then remove it from the heat.

Drop the eggs into the water to boil to your liking. To see how to boil perfect eggs.

Blanch the asparagus spears in the egg water for about two
minutes. The moment they turn bright green, remove them with tongs and drop them straight into the bacon pan, with the fat and butter and all that other goodness. If the bacon is off the heat already, that’s cool.

As the eggs come out of the water, turn the bacon and asparagus pan back on and let the asparagus colour a little in the fat.

Now peel the eggs. Try doing it under water in a bowl. You’ll be
surprised how much easier it is.

Serve the bacon and asparagus topped with all of the pan juices, with boiled eggs broken over the top and garnish the whole dish with rocket or arugula.

Cook’s Tip
You can add or take anything away from this. Try swapping the
asparagus for mushrooms.