Pumpkin Nut Flapjacks


These flapjacks make for a yummy family breakfast treat. They’re also good for using up leftover cooked pumpkin from the night before. The recipe works wonderfully well in a waffle maker too, so if you have one give it a go.

Seared Salmon On Garlic And Ginger Mushrooms With Bok Choi And Sesame


Here’s another wonderful salmon recipe to boost those omega-3s, and it’s sophisticated enough to use for a dinner party if you’re entertaining. This time we’re using salmon portions and giving it an Asian twist. The ginger should, once again, help with pregnancy-related nausea. Makes 2 portions.

Super Beef Burgers


There are few meals more satisfying than a juicy, delicious, freshly made hamburger – another reason why commercial burger patties should be banned for all eternity. If you have a good relationship with your butcher, order your mince with 20% pork; it’ll just melt in your mouth.

Thai Steamed Fish Pocket


A fish pocket is quite similar to poaching in that you are also able to penetrate the fish with flavour. You’re also not bound to the indoor kitchen with pockets as they cook just as well directly on hot BBQ coals as they do in the oven.

Anti-oxidant Boosting Salad


This salad is packed full of ingredients with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to boost the immune system and help fight off cancer-forming cells. For a hearty lunch, bulk it up with some seared salmon or grilled chicken.

Veggie-packed Bobotie


This South African classic is a family favourite and a brilliant vessel for secret vegetables. We’ve kept our version quite mild in flavour; add a little more curry powder to spice it up for more adventurous kids.

Almond And Poppy Seed Bread


Banting breads are great when toasted and poppy seeds usually go well with lemon. So as a serving suggestion we recommend toasting this bread and topping it with lashings of butter, avo and a squeeze of lemon.

Bacon And Egg Cups


This is the kind of thing you can whip together on a Sunday night and simply warm first thing before breakie for the rest of the week. If the price of parmesan is a bit steep, feel free to add in cheddar or whatever cheese you like.

Beef Bourguignon With Cauli-mash


Beef Bourguignon was one of the first dishes I ever learnt to make. I was working in a pub in Bournemouth on the south coast of England and this was one of the Sunday lunch house favourites. Although I learnt the English method first, this dish originates from Burgundy, hence the name.