Jonno interviews Brian Berkman about his staggering 72kg weight loss journey.

In 2012 Brian had just finished losing roughly 70kg of unwanted weight after an enormous mental and emotional shift 18 months earlier. He also managed to come off all chronic meds, which he was taking for high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes.

Since then, Brian has been the poster child for various Banting/Keto campaigns run by Real Meal Revolution. Over the years, he has kindly given us his time for promo videos, regular appearances during our 2014 publicity run when Prof Noakes and I were touring and talking about our new book, The Real Meal Revolution (original).

But, a two minute promo leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

What triggered his dramatic change in mindset?

What did he do to shed the weight?

Who did he ask for help?

And more recently, we’ve wondered how he has managed to keep it off for seven years?

I finally managed to interview him about his journey. Watch my interview below. 

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