Andre Visagie Has Lost 36kgs Because Banting Helped Him To Discover His Insulin Resistance

Andre Visagie is a Certified Banting Coach who is an incredible 36kgs lighter

Banting helped Andre discover that he was insulin resistant. This, in turn, helped him gain insight into his lifelong weight struggles, which allowed him to take control of his weight and his health. Since he started Banting, he has lost 36kgs, and he feels like a new person!

Andre offers up the following “banter” on his personal journey:

“Real Story:”

“I started Banting on the 1st of June 2015 as I was extremely overweight, I’ve since lost 36kgs, and I feel absolutely great. I am now as happy and energetic as I was in my twenties, and I have this new lease on life.

Through my subscription to the RMR Banting Course last year I discovered my insulin resistance. What this meant in short was that I would never be in control of my body weight if I continued to eat sugar and carbohydrates. When I realised that giving these up was not a “terrible sacrifice,” my life changed overnight.”

“Real Influence:”

“With my help as your CBC, and with the support of other Banters, I will encourage and empower you to make this incredibly healthy and rewarding lifestyle change for yourself. Whether you have lots of weight to lose or simply want to lead a more wholesome lifestyle, I can give you the power to change your life forever.”

Andre Visagie has been trained by Real Meal Revolution to become a Certified Banting Coach (CBC). Andre wants to use his knowledge gained as a CBC, as well as his incredible personal Banting success, to help you to change your life. Often weight and wellness goals seem beyond our reach but CBC’s like Andre and his Real Group’s, can help you to take ownership of your well-being.

These “Real Groups” are Banting Support Groups that are available as both online and face-to-face groups.

For more “banter” on Andre’s personal story and to see his “Real Groups” that you can join, visit his homepage.

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