Andre Obradovic is Changing the World One Banter at a Time

Andre Obradovic is changing the world one Banter at a time

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” An age-old proverb that could seem easier said than done. Andre Obradovic is making it easier to be this change with his approach to being a Certified Banting Coach (CBC).

Andre believes that Banting has the power to change the world. He aims to use his influence as a CBC and as a Noakes Foundation Change Agent and ambassador to contribute to research about the growing obesity and diabetes epidemics. This research has the potential to reverse this epidemic entirely. As a Real Group member, you can be a part of this change. Ultimately your Banting journey becomes about more than just you; it’s about helping to change a world that’s being suffocated by carbs and sugar.

Here is some of Andre’s personal “banter”:

“Not only am I an avid supporter of the Real Meal Revolution and its founders, Prof. Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot, but 50% of the member fees I generate, will be donated back into the Noakes Foundation for continuing research into obesity and diabetes.  

As a Certified Banting Coach, I plan to draw on my Banting experience as well as the resources of Real Meal Revolution to help you on your journey. My purpose is to assist you to optimise your life, by challenging traditional beliefs about healthy eating.

Within my Real Groups, I aim to encourage fellow Banters to help each other achieve their personal goals. I want my Real Group members to understand that Banting is not about counting calories. It is about gaining a deeper understanding of the negative impact that sugar and carbohydrates have on one’s body. Once you realise that Banting is about making simple food choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle, you will see why Banting has become a global phenomenon.”