Hettie Bailey, 74

South Africa
Before Weight:
After Weight:

I loved food & wine, to me it is the best entertainment to go to a restaurant. Everything revolved around food.
I was always tired, sleeping was a problem with snoring and sleep apnoea.


I was not really unhealthy, but I was pre-diabetic and high blood pressure, cholesterol was about 5, but my bad cholesterol was higher than my good cholesterol.


I have always had lots confidence but going to places where there were a lot of people was always a bit daunting, and I always tried to stand in the back if photos were taken. I have a wonderful husband who never made a big thing about my weight, all he ever said was for my own health I should try and lose weight.


I don’t know what made me decide to start. I have been on diets for many years. I started on RMR in 2015, I think it was, on and off, and I did not really lose any weight. But on 1 October 2019 I woke up and said, “that is enough” and started on RMR properly. My weight was 115.6kg.


There was quite a hype about Tim Noakes and his famous tweet, I think this is how I became aware of Banting. I also joined a coach Arinda end of 2019 for about 6 months, who was a tremendous help to me.


I expected to battle, how can anyone lose weight eating the way Banters do?
It was so easy, I could actually eat foods I loved. Meat, I love my meat, butter in my food, it was heaven.


My blood sugar dropped, I could sleep without CPAP machine, I could move around more easily, I could get out of a chair without having to push myself up.
My cholesterol went up, then it came down slightly, but the most significant is that my good cholesterol was now higher than my bad cholesterol.


I have to add here that I do not worry much about the cholesterol aspect as research has now shown that cholesterol is not the main reason for strokes and heart attacks.


There is no comparison, I love Banting, and I know it works. All other diets are fads. I made my goals only 5kg at a time, and when I reached that, I made the next 5kg down goal.


I weighed 115kg on 1 October 2019, In January 2021 I got down to 95kg, I have picked up 2kg since then, but March was a bid tricky, birthdays, 25th anniversary but as of today 100% back on Banting. My next goal is 90kg.


Mentally, I don’t know if it is my imagination, but I seem to have a memory back to when I was very young, I remember many things as a child.


If you have difficulty sticking to an eating plan, RMR is for you, it is easy, not more expensive than everyday foods.


I always had confidence, but now I think I have more. Well, my husband is incredibly supportive, even when I had all the weight.


I signed up for the RMR Weight Loss Program in November 2020 for 3 months. I could not take advantage of it as I should have as I was travelling and wished I had rather signed up after my travels.