The next level of Group Support

The Hero Program wraps you in an unbreakable web of accountability and carries you and your group from day zero all the way, throughs ups, downs, breakups and breakdowns, until you cross the finish line.

Start Date

We start groups when we have a complete group on the waiting list.


New program launches at the beginning of every month (roughly)

Program Essentials

Time Investment

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Tessa Whitfield

Lead Health Coach at Real Meal Revolution

“Having joined RMR to lose weight initially, I now find myself living an almost entirely different life than the one I was living before – and that was totally unexpected.

I’m down 35kg and I feel like I am in charge of my life and have a plan for my future – as much as any one of us can – and I know how to go about achieving my goals.”


In our call, I will get a clear idea of where you’re at, and then discuss which program is best for you.