Hero Group
Support Program

Small, coach-led accountability groups for keto and Banting transformations


Contact [email protected] or call Wendy Cuninghame on +27838952020 for any extra info on this program

What do you get on Hero Group Support?



Here is some feedback from our early-adapters:

Incredible group support, never felt this motivated before to achieve my goals! With the support of Jonno and his team I know that my journey to health is achievable.
Danielle Hackett, Cape Town, South Africa
A wonderful, inspiring and supportive environment. Finally staying the path and I know I will reach my goal with Jonno and his team!
Jacqui Lund, Cape Town, South Africa
So encouraging to be with group like minded people and share successes and failure and get support to try something new.
Michelle Cantlay, Mkushi, Zambia
Sticking to my health goals has always been difficult after the 4 to 6 week mark. This is the first time I have stuck with the plan through the ups and downs and changing life circumstances - totally due to the engagement of my tribe. This is the key reason why I have achieved my goals.
Michele van der Westhuizen, Sierra Leone
It is an absolute privilege and blessing to be part of the Hero Program support group. It motivates me to stick to my goals and introduce new healthy habits to sustain my new healthier lifestyle. Thanks Jonno and team for helping me to become a better me. I would not have been able to do this without the support.
Tertia Behr, Vienna, Austria
The Hero Program provided support and accountability, which I was expecting - I wasn't expecting the absence of judgement and the compassion that came from our tribe! This is a unique experience!
Tessa Whitfield, Durban, South Africa

If you want in on some of that action, and you want to lose weight, and feel supported like a hero while doing it join now.