What is Banting?

Banting refers to the diet prescribed by William Harvey for his patient, William Banting, in the late 1800’s. Banting was so blown away by the success of Harvey’s advice that he wrote and published a book about it so the public could reap the same benefits he had.


His book, The Letter on Corpulence, was so successful that until the late 1940’s, William’s ‘Banting Diet’ was regarded as one of the best ways to lose weight. It even earned itself a place in the Oxford English Dictionary.


Taking Harvey’s prescription and combining it with another 120 years of research, in 2013, Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot co-authored their bestselling cookbook-cum-revolutionary-scientific-thriller, The Real Meal Revolution.


The Real Meal Revolution laid out rules of a low carb high fat diet similar to the one Harvey and Banting tried out way back when. Only this time it came with clearer guidelines, delicious recipes and a few tweaks. Although the new version varies significantly in some areas, the Real Meal Revolution still call it Banting to honour the forefather of the movement.


Real Meal Revolution now brings you something even better. Banting 2.0 marks the culmination of three years of data analysis from over 120,000 online users and thousands of success stories, combined with the latest nutritional science and behavioural research. The result: a cutting edge four-phased approach that isn’t just about being thin; it’s about being healthy, happy and Awesome!