How is a ketogenic diet related to Real Meal Revolution?

You may have heard of the words ‘ketosis’ and ‘ketogenic’ diet in relation to Real Meal Revolution. Ketosis is the state of burning fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel, and a ketogenic diet is one that maintains this state.  When you enter the Transformation phase of RMR, you are effectively following a ketogenic diet.


When you eat carbs, your body converts them into glucose, which passes in into the bloodstream. When you have starved your body of carbs, your body turns to burning fat, which releases glucose, fatty acids and ketone bodies into the bloodstream via liver. Most of the organs in your body can use fatty acids for energy, but some, including the brain, can only use either glucose or ketones. Essentially, when you are in ketosis, you are relying on ketones for fuel instead of glucose and that is the best state to be in to lose weight and feel great.


There two occasionally mentioned concerns related to ketosis that are worth clarifying.


First, ketosis isn’t a problem for healthy brain function, as some observers have suggested it may be. Your brain receives plenty of energy from the glucose and ketones being supplied by your liver. In fact, scientists now think the low ratio of glucose in this fuel mix may actually be good for the brain and help against disorders such as Alzheimer’s and depression.


Second, ketosis is not ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is a rare condition in which there is an excessive build-up of ketone bodies in the blood. It can occur in patients with type I diabetes or in cases of extreme starvation. For the rest of us it is safe and natural – and of course produces enormous health benefits by reducing excess body fat.