How do I get or stay in Ketosis?

We do explain in the book that you need to be eating around 50g or less net carbs per day to reach ketosis. If referring only to the lists, you will reach ketosis by only eating ingredients on the Green List. All of the recipes in the book are green listed apart from the Spiced Pumpkin and Goats’ Cheese Salad which is Orange Listed. This means you can eat them all at will and remain in ketosis. Make use of the Banting green and orange lists which will tell you which ingredients contain less than 5g (Green List) or less than 25g (Orange List) of carbs per serving . The Red List will tell you what to stay away from completely. There are also measurements next to each ingredient on the Orange List stating how much you can consume in one day and remain comfortably within the limit of 50g of carbs per day (a ketogenic diet). To test whether or not you are in Ketosis, get a Ketosis Monitoring Device (or Ketone Sticks here) which will be able to tell you instantly whether you are in ketosis or not. Here is more information on ketosis.