Michelle’s Banting success story

The Eat Better South Africa campaign is changing the lives of ordinary South Africans in underprivileged areas of Cape Town, and the surrounds. The intervention trains people between the ages of 35 – 65 on a budget Banting program consisting of three meals for only R30 a day.

So far, 98% of participants have yielded positive results, including significant weight loss and the normalising of dangerously high blood pressure levels for the first time in years - many being able to go off their expensive medication.

Michelle Mokhuane took part in the Ocean View pilot project earlier this year and this is her remarkable success story.

At the start of the project, Michelle’s blood pressure was at 170/120, which is not normal for a 36 year old woman. After two weeks of Banting, her blood pressure dropped to 127/73 and from the twelve tablets she was taking a day, she went down to one because her doctor was so impressed with the results.

Michelle has suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), for many years. This condition results in hormonal imbalance, which causes problems with the menstrual cycle and can make it difficult to fall pregnant.

Since Banting, her condition has improved dramatically and the surgery she was due to have to remove her gallbladder was cancelled because it is no longer a medical issue.

Her doctor told her to keep doing what she is doing because her health has been improved in such a drastic way.

Michelle has lost 20kg, but she says, “The weight loss is just an added bonus.” Her overall improved health and increased energy is what keeps her Banting, “Even at work I am more focused and ready to take on the day. I am not tired anymore and even my boss has noticed the positive changes.”

Michelle’s family members have also jumped on board after seeing her remarkable results. Her diabetic husband no longer needs to take insulin as his levels have normalised the health of her brother-in-law, who suffers from stage 4 cancer, has improved dramatically.

You can do your part to ensure that this initiative continues into more low-income areas around South Africa, by donating just R100 or more. If 15, 000 Banters each donate R100, Eat Better South Africa can reach their target.

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