Banting Coaching – Changing Lives

Changing lives, 180 Banting support groups at a time.

Our aim is to change 100 million lives by 2025, and we’re building an army of Certified Banting Coaches to help us do it.

Real Meal Revolution (RMR) has created an intensive training program where passionate Banters become Certified Banting Coaches (CBCs).

Duke Coulbanis is a newly appointed Certified Banting Coach, and this is what he had to say about the training program:

I received the invitation to do the training program after completing the Beginner Banting Online Course, which I enjoyed immensely, and which inspired me to dive into my personal Banting journey with conviction, equipped with amazingly liberating information.

At first, I did not know what to expect, other than the fact that I’d be trained to become a Certified Banting Coach. That in itself was a daunting possibility, mostly because I was barely one-quarter of the way towards my weight-loss goal. I raised this detail with RMR, thinking that they might suggest that I come back when I had lost all 87kg of my excess weight and not just the first 20kg. The encouragement I received was inspiring to the point that I took the course without further hesitation… I did so with the expectation that, as I reach my own goals, I’d be able to inspire others to reach theirs, and we’d support each other, each in our own way.

In these thought-provoking and highly informative weeks, I was exposed to the most holistic coaching training I’ve ever experienced. The course instructors gave us amazing insights into the topic of correct nutrition and the lifestyle diseases that this could address. These insights are corroborated and supported by an ever-growing group of pioneering, like-minded medical practitioners and other experts who are at the cutting edge of contemporary research into, and the study of modern nutrition and its effects on our health.

As the training program comes to an end for me, I am abuzz with excitement for the wonderful achievements I will have the honour of being part of, both in terms of my own journey, as well as the journeys of the people who choose me as their CBC.

The thought of playing a part, however small, in the lofty goal of positively benefiting the lives of 100 million people by 2025 gives so much meaning to the toil, suffering and heartache of living as a morbidly obese person for at least three-quarters of my life.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is not afraid to challenge a status quo maintained by the unholy coupling of bad science and industrial greed.

Long Live the Real Meal Revolution!

Duke will be running his own Banting support groups to help others achieve their health and weight loss goals, through his own experience, and with an arsenal of knowledge and tools that he has received from RMR.

Why should you become a coach?

  • To engage in meaningful, fulfilling work that significantly improves the lives of others
  • To work flexible hours and earn a flexible income
  • To become accountable to a group of people on your own Banting journey
  • To have the chance to grow your own business with a strong partner and limited financial risk
  • To have the choice to work from anywhere in the world

There are currently 180 passionate and dedicated Certified Banting Coaches across the world, each with a unique approach to health and weight loss, in our system.