Change Your Life, Change the World

Change Your Life, Change the World.

You can become part of the biggest living-research study in the world.

Real Meal Revolution (RMR) and The Noakes Foundation (TNF) have always had a synergetic relationship, with similar aims: to change lives by reversing the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

TNF’s sole purpose is to research the obesity epidemic. RMR’s purpose is to teach people how to lose weight. Together we can change 100 million lives by 2025.

Due to the products that we have developed, the RMR database is an important resource of information to TNF, and the world, and is fast becoming one of the biggest databases of obese and diabetic patients of all time.

Prof Noakes, “In the next five years we hope to change the way that nutrition research is done.”

As a result of each RMR customer tracking their data in our system, we are sitting on living research that provides us with a holistic look into the benefits of following a Banting lifestyle.

Jayne Bullen, Foundation Manager, TNF, “I am excited about this as a real, engaged and alive data set. It’s one of the first of its kind in that it integrates modern technology in a truly unique and responsive way to its users, helping them to benefit more on their own journeys. It also helps humanity change for the better on a much more macro scale. It’s the perfect example of mutualism. We at TNF like working with RMR because we have a common passion to change the world and make it a better, healthier place through education, efficient research, and empowered communication.”

As our customers reach their goals, their data helps us decipher what works and what doesn’t. It also keeps researchers on their toes. In essence, each RMR customer forms part of the largest scale real-life nutritional study in recorded history.

Prof Noakes, “There is no other research in the world where they’ve looked at actual food intake every day. We have such powerful tools, but we can only do it with you buying in. That’s what’s really exciting the Noakes Foundation – it’s going to take off because it is the future!”

With the added benefit of group support, mentors and champions (all elements of Real Groups run by Certified Banting Coaches (CBCs)), program participants and researchers benefit equally from a more hands-on approach to academic, and weight loss, results.

Prof Noakes, “We’re all in this together, we’re going to change the world, but we’re really interested in using the science, and you can help us produce the best science in the world in a way that will change our understanding of nutrition very quickly.”


We have currently trained 120 passionate, knowledgeable and committed CBCs (through our Banting Elite training program).

You can view some of their testimonials here.

Each coach donates a portion of their revenue to TNF. Some of these CBCs are also TNF Change Agents like Andre Obradovic, a TNF ambassador based in Australia, and Theo Truter who donate an even bigger portion of their group revenue, and who are whole-heartedly involved in TNF community projects, especially Eat Better South Africa!

TNF has also placed a number of funded people, from the communities they have done interventions in, on the training program, all of whom are currently graduating and completing the training. 

Real Groups will also be able to have a direct impact on the Eat Better SA campaign. Domestic workers, as well as people in townships and rural and impoverished communities, who otherwise would not be able to get educated on the benefits of following a Banting lifestyle, will be able to do so through pro-bona offerings and interventions by the CBCs.

CBCs are trained to run Real Groups, face-to-face or online, with the help of our Beginner Banting Online Course. The aim of the groups is to help Banters succeed with their weight and health aspirations.

Now that RMR is a full-blown research partner of TNF’s, by joining a group to change your life, you are helping us change the world.

Prof Noakes, “If we had to go the traditional funding route, it would take us 20 years to prove the stuff that we can prove in five years using this model.”

Change Your Life. Change the World.

The next round of training to become a Certified Banting Coach starts on 4 July 2016. Find out more info here.

To help us change the world while we change your life and, to find a Certified Banting Coach in your area, click here.

Find a Banting Support Group, today!

You can view the complete video of Prof Noakes and Jayne Bullen from the Noakes Foundation as they chat to the Certified Banting Coaches with Jonno:

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