Challenge your beliefs

To change your beliefs, you need to challenge them first.

A belief is a thought that you have made real over time.

This belief is formed from an experience, which has a profound effect on you. This can be something you have physically experienced or what someone has told you. You think about this experience often and process it until you decide that it is a valid thought. To reinforce this you collect evidence in everyday life to support this belief. This belief then becomes part of your reality. Because the truth feels right, you stop challenging it. But, just because this truth feels right, it doesn’t mean it is true.

And yet, this belief can have such a deep effect on your life, without it actually being a real truth. A perceived truth has the ability to shape your whole life.

Your experiences form your reality that is why different people can have contradicting beliefs – because of their experiences.

With nutrition, we have been told that certain theories are true. Due to repetition and because these "truths" come from perceived trustworthy sources, we believe them, but this does not make them true.

Every day at the Real Meal Revolution, we challenge our beliefs.

Prof Noakes has built his career on challenging beliefs.

“I have challenged convention seven times and have been proved right six times. The HPCSA hearing will be the seventh.” Prof Noakes

Two examples of where he took on conventional beliefs and won are: ‘Marathon runners immune from heart disease’, and ‘neck injuries in rugby being preventable’, which caused conflict with the second most important man in South Africa, Danie Craven. He was accused of being unscientific when trying to prove that neck injuries in rugby are preventable, but he proved it.

Prof Noakes also challenged the belief on hydration in marathons. Gatorade pushed the advice to drink a lot, but Prof Noakes said that it wasn’t necessary. By 2009, there were 1600 cases of overhydration. The deaths were preventable, but scientists were bought-in on the drinking guidelines.

Prof Noakes said, “I produced alternative guidelines that went against industry-induced consensuses that were accepted globally. So I wrote ‘Waterlogged.’”

“I did lots of research on carbs in exercise. This shows the bias that happens when industry funds you. I ignored fat as it wasn’t funded. I apologise for missing the influence of fat on energy during exercise. I wasn’t funded to look at fat, just carbs.”

When Prof Noakes started studying exercise science in the 1970s, he was taught that lactic acid caused muscle fatigue, but now he can disprove it.

“We showed that fatigue is an emotion, which is only relative to how close you are to the finish. It is the way that the brain regulates performance. The brain is the key regulator of performance; convention said that muscle determines performance.”

“I’m not a brain expert, but I understood the whole body. I used the totality of evidence to show that the brain and not muscle affect performance the most.”

“I’m never unhappy to be challenged; I love it – that’s the way you learn.”

Jonno Proudfoot, Co-author of The Real Meal Revolution and Raising Superheroes, has also challenged the way people see and do things, particularly from a dietary and nutrition perspective.

As a chef, he had to remove himself from everything that he had been taught in order to create a new belief around food: Grains and sugar are not good for you and have no place in cooking nutritious food.

“I was taught that any main course, fine dining or bistro, required carbs, protein and a veg of some sort. If I served a meal without bread and carbs on the plate, I would have failed my exams and never become a chef.”

Each member of RMR is part of the team because they have challenged a belief of their own.

“I don’t believe dieting makes you thin. A lifestyle makes you thin.” Penny Cobbledick, Office Manager.

Penny, by her own admission, was a fat child, a fat teenager and a fat adult. There wasn’t a diet she hadn’t tried; you name it, she’d done it. Some with success, others without, but the result was always the same; lose a few pounds and then gain them back with interest. Willpower was her number one enemy! Her sister, who was always promoting something new, told her about this new craze that had gripped the dieting community, ’BANTING! Being rather sceptical she decided to buy the RED BOOK and read it from cover to cover. That together with the weight loss success of her brother-in-law, helped her embark on a journey that would change her life. Now, eighteen months later, 22kg lighter, 5 pants sizes smaller and no longer on any medication, she is now the thin girl she always dreamed of being.  Penny says, “If you can dream it, you can have it!”

“I don’t believe in conventional medicine. I believe that the food you eat makes you healthy.” Leaine Brebner, Head of Content.

Leaine has suffered from various perceived food intolerances for most of her life. Doctors could not help her, instead they wanted to prescribe her with anti-depressants. She has been anti-doctors ever since. It was an iridologist that eventually helped her realise that she suffered from an acute case of Candida that had made it into every organ of her body. She has always believed that you are what you eat, but it was reading the Real Meal Revolution and the paragraph on candida and figuring out that it wasn’t enough to eliminate sugar and gluten, but there were also hidden sugars in ordinary foods that were exacerbating the problem too – called carbs. She has been Banting since December 2013 and she is completely Candida free and is the healthiest she’s ever been. Her aim in life is to help other people live their best lives and to educate them on how the food they eat plays a role in all of their health issues.

“I don’t believe in anything unless it works.” Jonno Proudfoot, MD Real Meal Revolution

“I have been so disillusioned with industry-funded research, corruption in medicine and the way most of the world works, that I question whether I should believe anything,” says Jonno.

"I don't believe in what conventional guidelines propose for exercise and nutrition," Rob Hichens, Head of New Business Development.

Rob has always been sceptical of conventional guidelines, so he was excited to start working at Real Meal Revolution in April 2015. At this time, he also decided to give Banting a proper chance. He weighed 88kgs when he started, but was 1.91m tall, so he wasn’t overweight. Within two months he had lost 7kgs. He could see all of his six-packs and felt amazing with sustained energy throughout the day. He wasn’t doing any exercise at this time, so the weight loss was purely diet related. He wanted to gain muscle though, so he joined CrossFit. Banting and CrossFit allowed him to put on 8kgs in just three months, with no fat gain. With all of his new found energy, he decided to start trail running. In October 2015, he ran his first half marathon, fuelled purely by fat. He ran 21km in under 1h45min, with no carbo-loading and just 2 -3 sachets of water during the race. More recently he ran his first marathon in 3h50min, using CrossFit endurance training, and nothing but a few sachets of water along the route. Rob says, “Banting is not just for weight loss. It really is a lifestyle that promotes great health and increased physical performance as a result.”

“I don’t believe that convenience should be chosen over health.” Ryan Rix, Head of Design.

Ryan was a healthy, active child and participated in a variety of sports at school. From 2004 – 2007 he lived on a diet of fast food and did no exercise – relying on convenience foods to sustain him. During this time his health deteriorated and he was prone to acne breakouts, constipation and bleeding gums. He soon realised that the food he was eating was not doing him any favours. In 2008, he took up mixed martial arts in an effort to get healthy again and also started researching alternative diets that didn’t include supplements to build muscle. He settled on the paleo diet, which helped him gain 15kgs of muscle and reversed all of his symptoms. As his physical and mental health improved he decided to stop smoking and drinking alcohol and took up yoga. He says that his diet and exercise has played a huge role in his improved mental and physical health.

“I don't believe that being overweight should define who you are nor your value in the eyes of others,” Monty Lee, Education Supervisor.

Monty started Banting two months before he started working at RMR after he tried paleo, without much success. This was due to the fact that most of his family struggled with insulin resistance and diabetes, although he said it was a good introduction to his new way of eating. We went from 96kgs to 72kgs in a year. “Not too shabby, he says, “by eating delicious food and doing no exercise.” Monty also says, “Working at RMR means changing lives. Every email answered, every piece of feedback is an opportunity to encounter, in a real and very personal way, people who want to change. That makes all the difference to me. I would not consider doing anything else.” You can read Monty’s full story here.

“I don’t believe that Banting is difficult,” Steven Langley, Operations Director

Steve is responsible for the development and running of the technology platform at RMR. Steve says, “In simple terms our platform aids Banters in making their lives easier and making it as easy as possible for them to Bant. This is done through all the tools we provide, giving them all the information they need to Bant successfully and provides them with a way to communicate and share information. Without this online platform, we wouldn’t have been able to help people from over 100 countries transform their health and improve their lives. That makes me proud. Witnessing the profound impact that we have on people’s lives on a daily basis is incredibly rewarding, and as such I feel privileged to be a part of the RMR team. The positive testimonials that we receive on a daily basis are a testament to this.”

“I don't believe that we have the power to optimise our health, bodies and lives without focusing on the quality of food we eat.” Nicky Lundin, Marketing Manager

Nicky has healed her own body through food. Her body has also accomplished things that her mind didn’t believe possible because of the change in nourishment.

Jonno and Rob are challenging conventional beliefs in their attempt to run The Comrades Ultra-Marathon this year.

The Comrades is the largest ultra-marathon in the world and is 89kms long. They will be training in the opposite fashion to everyone else and will be focusing on strength, mobility and recovery training while doing only a third of the volume of running that all the other runners will be doing.

Their CrossFit coach, Leon says, “The best way to learn the most is to jump in the deep end.” “This methodology will allow Rob and Jonno to spend minimal time training while getting the best results as well the fastest recovery”. 

This is definitely an audacious challenge.

Click here to follow their journey and learn how you could do more by training less.

At Real Meal, we want you to challenge your own beliefs that might be holding you up from progressing in life.

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Let’s turn convention on its head and start creating beliefs based on real truths. Are you with us?

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