Awesome Weight


“Did you ever think that maybe there’s more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking?”  – Derek Zoolander


We agree. There is a lot more to life than being ridiculously good looking.

Have you ever wondered what you should weigh?


Have you ever heard of ideal weight? Well, doctors have a calculation they use to calculate the correct doses of medication for those who are above average weight. It is based on an individual’s medical ‘Ideal Weight’. Over time, this formula has trickled into the weight loss arena, and for many years now, most diets have used this ‘Ideal Weight’ formula as a benchmark for what people’s actual weight should be. In most cases, it is almost impossible to safely achieve this weight, let alone sustain it.


But if ‘Ideal Weight’ isn’t real, what should I weigh then?


We believe life is too short to be unpleasant. Sure, your health is your greatest asset, but there are many pleasures in life to enjoy, and food is one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer. It is possible to be leaner and healthier without being a slave to your diet.


While we were writing our last book, Banting 2.0, we set out to calculate that perfect weight. A weight that is healthy and cardiac (and everything) risk free, but a weight that would also allow people to live a little. A lot of us like to have a glass of wine with our meal, and even more of us enjoy a naughty meal from time to time. Although wecan’t advocate eating naughty sorts, we also know you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. And if that happened, you’d have reduced all cardiac risks for nothing. There has got to be a balance between enjoying every moment of your life, and making sure you’re as healthy as possible while you enjoy it.

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Introducing ‘Awesome Weight’


We searched for that metabolic sweet spot between an awesome life and awesome health. With the help from our pool of scientists and our super-genius software developers, we developed a tool that uses a unique set of formulas to derive your personal Awesome Weight.


Your Awesome Weight is derived from a unique set of variables that you will enter into our program immediately after joining. From your Awesome Weight, we prepare a customised personal plan to tell you how long you will need to spend in each phase.


Once you have your Awesome Weight, we can predict the exact date you will arrive at your Awesome Weight. Then all you have to do is eat our delicious low carb recipes from any one of our awesome Banting meal plans, chat to fellow Banters, check in with our support team and carry on living an awesome life until you reach your Awesome Weight, and stay there.


Join our program and hurry on to your Awesome Weight now.