Banting liberated Lauren when she realised that there was a scientific reason for being overweight

Banting liberated Lauren when she realised that there was a scientific reason for being overweight

Lauren struggled with her fluctuating weight problems for many years; Banting helped her identify that these problems were because of her insulin resistance. In this way, Banting has helped her regain control of her weight and her life! She wants to help others see the benefits of Banting. Thus, she has become a Certified Banting Coach (CBC), to assist fellow Banters with their journeys to better health.

Lauren offers up the following background ‘banter’ on her journey to becoming a CBC:

“I began my Banting journey in February 2015 after many years of struggling to control my weight. By this stage, I had tried every diet, pill and potion. Following the traditional advice to eat small and regular low-fat meals did not work either. Some things I tried made me lose weight but nothing kept it off. I was either fat or hungry; there was no in-between.

Before I started Banting, I had an insatiable hunger and experienced constant cravings for sugar and starchy foods; lacked any energy and enthusiasm to exercise; had chronic hay fever and allergies; experienced mood swings, irregular sleeping patterns, chronic indigestion, and heartburn. Equally distressing were weight-related emotions of guilt and self-loathing.

In January 2015 I stumbled across the Banting lifestyle on social media. I was highly intrigued by the notion that people could lose weight while eating high-fat food. The recipes I came across showed delicious food unlike any I had eaten on other diets. People claimed they were losing excess weight while eating this great-looking food, and never feeling hungry. I was sold, to say the least!

Reading The Real Meal Revolution helped me to realise I had become overweight due to an insulin resistance. It was liberating to know there was a scientific reason for being overweight, and I no longer felt ashamed. As soon as I began Banting, my body started transforming right before my eyes. My husband, son and myself have now lost over 50kg between us, and we are currently embarking on the maintenance leg of our Banting journey.

As a CBC, the primary focus of my group meetings is to provide both intellectual and emotional support for new Banters transitioning to the LCHF lifestyle, particularly those with insulin resistance. My secondary aim is to help women win the battle against their weight and to regain their self-confidence. At my meetings, we work together to empower ourselves through shared experience, which allows us to become the best versions of ourselves.

Lauren, like many of us, felt that she had tried everything to lose weight! Banting not only helped her discover her insulin resistance but also helped to improve her overall health and wellbeing. She now wants to share the benefits of this lifestyle with her Real Groups. Real Groups are Banting support groups, offered online or face-to-face.

For more "banter" on Lauren’s personal story and to see her Real Groups, visit her homepage.

There are currently 120 passionate and dedicated Certified Banting Coaches across the world, each with a unique approach to health and weight loss, in our system. To find a group that suits your specific needs click here or to join one of Lauren’s Real Groups visit her homepage.

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