Yvonne Botha

South Africa

Before Weight:
After Weight:

Banting Strictness:

Before I started Banting I was always tired, always moody and always sad. I lost self-respect, did not look after myself, felt ugly and even shy to go to any functions, etc. I did not want to attend school functions as I thought that my kids are shy of me because of me being so overweight. I refused to attend my husband’s work functions as I thought I would be an embarrassment to him. Then I heard about Banting from my husband, who was also overweight. We then decided as a family to start Banting. What happened next was actually life changing. I weighed in at 115kg’s, my husband weighed in at 136kg’s. Within a couple of months we almost lost a whole person between the 2 of us. I dropped 21kg’s and Diederick now dropped 28kg’s.. We both have a new look on life. Diederick already did 3 half marathons, jogs almost every day and is looking drop dead gorgeous. And now this is our lifestyle. My daughters are not so moody anymore, they are performing better in school and with their other activities. My final comment on Banting is THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR THIS. It has changed our lives for the better. We love it…..

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