Sergey Lozovoy

Switzerland (born in Russia)

Before Weight:
After Weight:

Banting Strictness:

Before I started Banting I was 86 kg (BMI: 28.8 - Jan 2015), gaining from 80kg where I was pretty much throughout my 20s. I wasn’t very athletic throughout childhood as I never felt a lot of interest in moving myself at fast pace for pretty much anything. I was struggling to get more activity and never believed in calorie-restricting diets (actually it never made sense to me that I had to force more physical activity and eat less, why would that be normal?)

Then I heard about it from my colleague (who is from South Africa) as we were talking about ways to lose weight and become slimmer. At that point in time I was about 79-80kg (BMI: 26) having followed a diet plan based on calorie-count and multiple food intakes per day. It worked pretty well, but it was very difficult to follow and I went hungry overtime I missed a meal. My colleague gave me the link to and I subscribed to the course after listening to Tim Noakes on YouTube. What I heard simply made a lot of sense to me and I wanted to give it a try.

What happened next was I went through the 5 or 6 weeks of banting and evidently switched to ketosis. I remember going through a relatively short period of discomfort in the beginning, however very soon I was craving less and less food, started to eat 3 times a day (instead of 5-6 before), could fast (and could exercise while fasted with no loss in efficacy). I actually wanted to do sport (for a change), felt more energy. I stopped drinking coffee 6 times a day (only once after lunch, or maybe also in the morning, but this is rather a matter of habit with colleagues rather than a need). And I didn’t care about calories.

And now I keep eating high low carb high fat diet, I weigh 75-77 kg (it is quite volatile from day to day), my BMI is about 25. My waist came from 93cm to about 88cm. I am learning more about LCHF from all sources. I have found an interesting research on the effect of high fat in diet on teeth (in terms of keeping them healthy and remineralised). I want to achieve my ideal weight, which I define as seeing my ‘six-pack’ and conventional formulas tell me is 65-68kg. :)

My final comment on Banting is that it is effective in reducing fat, it leads to higher energy levels, more physical activity, less hunger, no cravings of sugar and it is totally sustainable (I am never hungry, unless I used packaged cream for my coffee in my office)

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