Samantha Peck

South Africa

Before Weight:
After Weight:

Banting Strictness:

I had gained 25kg in the last 8 years and at the age of 26 developed high blood pressure. Clearly with a family history of cardiovascular disease I was headed down the same path towards type II diabetes. Having been incredibly skinny my whole childhood and into my early twenties it was startling for me to realise just how overweight and unhealthy I had become. At the age of 31 (September 2014) I heard about Banting through the press and media. I chatted to my new dietician who encouraged the eating plan. By March this year I had lost 12kgs and I feel like a new person! I have dropped 2 dress sizes and I am almost back to my old (thin & healthy) self! Even my cycling, which is my passion, has improved, due to the nutrition from the banting diet and Prof Noakes has even given me advice on exercise nutrition! I had my insulin and cholesterol tested before starting Banting and again in March this year and everything is improved with my cholesterol even decreasing! My blood pressure is within the normal range without medication. I am so grateful to The Real Meal Revolution for changing my life. I will eat this way for the rest of my life! [I see below you ask for Blood readings - I can get these from the dietician if you’re interested

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