Sam Hearn

South Africa

Before Weight:
After Weight:

Banting Strictness:

In February 2012 I was diagnosed with heart failure. I’m on oxygen 24/7, and a lot of medication (under which a lot of water pills). By mid-2014 I could not weigh myself, as my scale only went up to 200 kg. No matter what I did, I kept on gaining weight. By this time I’ve given up, and accepted I will be obese until I die. Why fight the fat and be miserable on a starvation diet if it does not help anyway?

In 2013 my wife tried to sell me on LCHF, but I saw too many problems rising from it. The high amount of fat did not bother me (I always loved real butter and the fatty parts on my meat), but our main foods were cereal in the morning, bread for lunch, and rice with veggies and meat for dinner. Banting seemed to expensive.

In 2014, my wife tried again, and we decided to give it a go. Before we started, however, I did some research on LCHF on the net. The more I learned the more excited I became. 1 June 2014 we officially started banting.

Before banting I could not get out at the shops with my wife, as walking more than a couple of metres were all but impossible before I got dizzy. After the first month on banting my oxygen levels were so much better I could again enter a shop with her (with my portable oxygen cylinder, mind you!) without feeling I was going to pass out after a few minutes.

I am still sick, heart failure is irreversible, but my quality of life has changed dramatically. I seldom get dizzy spells. I’m not constantly hungry anymore, and can easily skip a meal or two without feeling I’m going to die from hunger. My body does not constantly ache all over anymore, and I sleep a whole lot better.

I believe banting saved my life. I am just sad I did not discover it before my heart gave in. At least it was in time for my two girls, as they were on the same path as me and my wife!

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