Richard Morris

Batemans Bay

Before Weight:
After Weight:

Banting Strictness:

I started a LCHF diet may 20, 2014 and by November I had lost 32 Kg, my HbA1c was down to 5.2, my BP was 115/76 and I was off meds for hypertension, My HDL went from 0.7 to 1.2, my Trigs from 2.6 to 1.15, and my LDL from 5.4 to 2 under the influence of the statins. I took myself off statins recently (with my GPs blessing) and my LDL has returned to 5.3.

I now willingly eat only 2 meals a day, an 300 kCal omelette for breakfast and an evening meal around 500-600 kCal with about 100g serving of meat and all my carbs in leafy greens, most of my calories from Saturated and Monounsaturated fats, I snack maybe twice a day on Bone broth, or Cheese and make my own zero carb high fat chocolates. It’s been almost a year now, and I have been liberated from being bullied by my hunger - it is now a welcome friend that tells me when I need to eat more energy.

I now run a food blog sharing techniques for my friends and family who are being slowly killed by T2DM, and who have asked me for advice on how to eat healthier. Prof Noakes started me on a path that cured all the symptoms of what is, I am expertly advised, a progressive disease.

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