Bettina Ruhl

Melbourne , Victoria , Australia

Physical Therapist, Health Coach

I really like to look at the bigger picture and help people in as many ways as possible. Despite having studied physiotherapy, nutrition has always been a fascinating field for me. I first heard about the LCHF lifestyle 3 years ago when I stumbled upon a podcast by Prof. Tim Noakes which really sparked my interest. Since then I have done some extensive reading about the Banting lifestyle and have personally experienced how it can improve one's health and wellbeing and I am now pretty certain that this way of eating is the way forward. What does a LCHF diet have to do with physiotherapy? As a diet low in carbs and high in fat reduces inflammation in the body, I am convinced that someone recovering from an injury who is following a low carb high fat diet will have a better outcome and a faster recovery than someone eating high levels of carbohydrates. I have to say, that it would be great to see more research being undertaken in this field as this would have a huge impact on my profession. My Health coaching qualification has been a great addition to my work as a physiotherapist as it allows me to help people in a much broader context. Behaviour change is never easy. However, there are certain strategies that can be applied that will make it easier for someone to change their ways and reach their goals. These strategies can be of great benefit to someone who is in the process of transitioning to a Banting lifestyle.