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Jess Dudley
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
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Certified Banting Coach
Certification Date: 23 September 2016
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My Banting journey began nearly 2 years ago when I was obese, inactive and depressed. I changed to a low carb diet because I believed I would lose weight, but was pleasantly surprised when my entire life got back on track too. After just one month I was completely free of the aches, pains and inflammation that had made getting around a daily challenge. My energy and confidence also returned, which was a great relief because I had resorted to teaching my spinning classes at the gym from the ground!

To date I’ve lost 36kg and maintained this weight for over a year now. I then had the idea that to keep motivated and focused, I should share my knowledge and experience with others. I started a website and blog, which gained a decent following, and then later a Facebook group for the Banting community. When I saw the advert inviting happy Banters to join RMR and become a CBC I jumped at the opportunity as I know the organisation is highly credible and we have nothing like it in the USA.

Further motivating my choice to collaborate with RMR in this coaching role was the common values and goals which we share. Through my meetings, it is my objective to empower others through knowledge so they can make informed food choices for themselves. The tools and skills I bring to the table include my positivity and the ability to easily communicate with various personality types. I’ve always been encouraging of others to rise up and better themselves which is the attitude I want to encourage among my members.

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