"For every 100 people who
embark on A TRANSFORMATION, only 2 make it stick."

If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me. 

You want more from life in every area – you want to be in great shape, have an awesome marriage, be the best parent, and kill it in your career. 

But, and this is a massive but…

When you get down to the nitty gritty of crafting an incredible life, you feel like you’re falling short in one area or another.

You do all the things the books say – work harder, set ambitious goals, be unstoppable – but when you look back on the results, you know you could have done better, but you don’t know how, or what got in the way. 

It feels impossible to have your cake and eat it, in every area, even if you don’t eat cake. 

It can feel as though you are trying to keep 10 different fires burning

furnace of overwhelm

And here’s the thing…

Even with iron will, the strictest discipline, and all the accountability measures in place, gunning for these goals can feel exhausting, uninspiring and suck your soul.


That’s why I create the Elite Dads program in May 2021. I wanted to go beyond weight loss, and work with the bigger picture of an entire life.


I was uninspired by my own goals and realised that I was coaching people (mostly women) on how to stay inspired and motivated to achieve breakthroughs in their health, but I wasn’t taking my own advice. 


I wanted to go on a program that was designed for people like me – executives or entrepreneurs who want to be physically elite, and awesome parents and husbands at the same time. 


There was nothing out there, so I wrote the program myself – I converted more than 15 years of personal development research and transformation coaching experience into a system that reduces anxiety, clarifies focus, simplifies goals, and optimises your life to make sure you are getting max ROI from every minute of every day. 


James Clear says true behaviour change is identity change – and this model is designed to enable you to master the identity of the person you want to become. 



Slaying Demons

In case you thought I was all rainbows and unicorns, I’ve slayed my own demons.
I grew up in a broken home with a parent in active addiction. As a teen I was angry at the world. I had no self-worth. I drank. I took drugs. My nickname was ‘Trash’. At 19 years old I began my transformation. I discovered cooking and I realised I could be good at something. With that confidence came my passion for personal development and my hunger for greatness.


By 28 I was a qualified chef with a degree in accounting and co-hosted 52 episodes of a South African cooking show – Whats’ Your Flava.

I pushed far beyond my comfort zone and conceptualised and co-authored my first book, The Real Meal Revolution. Recruiting Tim Noakes, Sally Ann Creed and David Grier to make it happen. It went on to sell over 400,000 copies and change the way South Africa looks at food and health spending 36 weeks at Number 1 on the Nielsen National Bestsellers List.

A year later, my physical transformation climaxed as I went from weighing 100kg and being in awful shape, to weighing just 83kg and breaking a world record by swimming 460km from Mozambique to Madagascar in 24 days.


As an overnight bestselling author and world record holder I let ego get me into trouble. I stopped caring about relationships and that got me sued not once, but SIX TIMES. I was filing a plea to a high court lawsuit on my laptop next to my wife while she was nursing our newborn baby.


With all the stress and fighting I lost my grip on reality and made bad decision after bad decision. Within one year of creating an overnight sensation I found myself swimming in millions worth of debt and an ocean of damaged relationships at home and at work. My life was a mess. I was a mess.


My passion for personal development and my hunger for greatness never waned. I was determined to claw back and learn from my mistakes. It took me six years, but I finally paid off all of my debt, put all of my lawsuits to bed, and worked hard at repairing the relationships that were damaged all whilst raising my two children.

I share a beautiful marriage. I healed a complex relationship with booze. I got certified as a professional life coach. I overcame parent issues, and I plotted the master plan behind South Africa’s biggest health revolution.


Now I spend every day, with my team of coaches and dietitians, helping people take back their power by applying everything I learned through my own transformation.

I have rich and fulfilling life – crushing health and fitness goals – running a successful business (this is a side hustle) – loving my wife, children and active social life.

If you’re getting yourself ready to level-up, to transform your life at all costs, I’m the guy you want in your corner. I will teach you how to use your greatest obstacles to fuel your hunger for greatness.

The obstacle is the way.


Founder, Visualise IT

As an Entrepreneur, father, husband and friend, I am constantly looking to grow within myself and so when Elite dad’s presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity.


If there is one thing that Elite Dad’s has taught me, that is.. how to set goals in my life and how important it is to have goals in place. I have always known what a goal is but I have never really understood the true value until Jonno took me through one of his awesome workshops, it really opened my eyes, a real penny dropping moment.


Thank you Jonno for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group of Elite Dad’s, I have enjoyed every 5 am start, it has been magical. Not only has it taught me a lot about myself but it has taught me about other dad’s in the group and how they handle life. It has shown me that there are many options to handling what live throws at you. It has formed a bond with all of us that will always remain in us.


It has been and amazing journey.


Thank you Jonno, for providing me the opportunity, your approach and knowledge has stretched me and grown me.

Founder, Escape and Explore

Jonno Proudfoot is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!


I’ve been on a personal learning journey for over five years and it was joining Elite Dads that really moved the needle.


Jonno’s holistic approach focused on micro-habits and accountability to reach greater goals. I really started seeing benefits in both my business, personal and family life that I’m able to build on and become the best life-giver that I can possibly be.


It has actually helped me become a better version of myself by focusing on what means most to me in me work, family and personal life.


Jonno’s power is a holistic coaching approach combined with an incredible knowledge base in work, relationships, parenting and personal development.

Founder, Simpletech

As a passionate business owner and entrepreneur getting a balance in life has its challenges. So when I heard of Elite Dads I jumped at the opportunity to explore what this would look like, and see how other dads where juggling their life priorities, and how I could improve my own.


What I found out is that everyone can be their version of an Elite Dad, and that with Jonno at the helm, a skilled couch and facilitator running the program I was able to unpack what my priorities should like like, how I needed to make changes that would move the needle in each sector and then measure that against the goals we created and set.


I gained massive value from the program and am very grateful for my experience and the lessons learned and that I keep in my back pocket everyday.


This is a way of life, and a process that if you follow will help make you the person you want to be.


Thanks Jono for being a rockstar, and putting this together!

Best-selling author
Global Speaker and Trend Specialist

Jonno Proudfoot is one of the few people I know that’s a real ‘Forever-Student’.


He is somebody that’s continuously grading his thinking so he can bring better information to his clients across the world.


I can only imagine that his future is bright and that he’ll be helping more and more people as he evolves in his own way to bring more energy and consciousness to the world.


The endgame is to have your life becomes frictionless. 

There is ‘being strong’ and ‘having willpower’, but my work is focused on getting you to a point where you don’t need willpower. 

It is a total paradigm shift linked to your identity, your values and your beliefs.

That’s the work we do.

Most of our work will apply to every area of your life, but a specific goal provides us with a tangible environment in which we can observe what comes up when you are trying to implement a change in behaviour.

In the first three to six months, I lean on your projects/homework to provide insights. The structure is loose because the value often comes from conversations and events that occur outside of the structure.

If the opportunity for a breakthrough presents itself, I’m not going to pass that up for the sake of sticking to the program.

Once we have done the groundwork, sessions are about dealing with what comes up. And stuff always comes up.

What do I get?

  • Coaching – We meet fortnightly for a 60-minute coaching session through Zoom to dig deep into what comes up while we’re working together – The two weeks between sessions allow you time to reflect, and do the homework.

  • The Work – After each session we define development and reflection topics and tangible outcomes for you to achieve by our next session. They are designed to shift your relationships with yourself, your health and the people in your life. This is where 80% of the value comes from. 

  • Any-time access on WhatsApp and email all the time (within reason)

  • Session recordings – All sessions are recorded on video (unless you’d prefer not to) and stored in a shared file so you can relive breakthroughs and valuable insights you get from our time together


FAQ - Anything else I should know?

I take clients in three month / 12-week commitments / quarters so that we can plan actions in 12 week rotations. Longer than that is too hard to predict. Shorter than that means too much planning and not enough doing.

I don’t do once-off or ad hoc sessions unless they are for clients who have already been through my program

The value you get depends on how ready you are to transform your life and take it by the horns.