The Banting Manifesto

What is Banting?

  • It is learning you are right to challenge your existing beliefs.
  • It is taking control of your life and living on your terms.
  • It is refusing to accept the status quo.
  • It is making healthy choices and knowing why.
  • It is being empowered, not overpowered by what you eat.
  • It is digging in. Not passing up.
  • Satisfying. Not depriving.
  • Eating. Not abstaining.
  • It is indulging. In delicious meals you used to think were harmful.
  • It’s avoiding other meals you believed to be good.
  • It is overcoming your body’s harmful addiction to sugars and carbs.
  • It is saying ‘yes’ to real fats and real foods, and ‘no’ to refined grains and processed goods.
  • It is challenging the not-so-supermarket machine.
  • It is voting against the foods you don’t want by choosing the ones you do.

It is not a diet.

It’s a food revolution.