Helen Dorrington

Hillwood Road
Cape Town, Western Cape 7945


Hillwood Road
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa


Certified Banting Coach
Certification Date: 8 June 2016


Before I found Banting I was doing everything according to an imaginary book titled “How to gain weight in a hurry”. I had a love affair with carbs – bread, homemade pasta, sushi with rice, potato this and potato that! I had been led to believe I was eating the healthy way and kept at it for 40 years. Fat was the enemy; little did I know it would soon be my saviour!


One day I listened to Prof. Noakes talk about his diabetes and how carbs have a direct influence on insulin levels (our fat storage hormone) in the body.


From then on I read everything I could get my hands on – including the RMR book – where my Banting journey really began. The symptoms I had which we tend to associate with old age have all disappeared – mental fogginess and forgetfulness, lethargy, aches and pains, and of course the weight.


My inspiration to become a Certified Banting Coach came from the people who visit my clinic where I practice as a nursing sister. Since I started Banting I have been sharing tips and tricks with them from the LCHF diet. The majority of patients are poor and have been grossly overweight from a young age, mainly due to a lack of education about healthy eating.


RMR’s coaching programme has provided a platform to reach bigger audiences without having to compromise my position in the company I work for by giving “unapproved” advice. I want to help others understand why they are diabetic by explaining the role of insulin in the body and why they cannot eat the sugars and carbs so abundant in their everyday lives. Once they understand insulin resistance, it is much easier for them to make the mental transition to Banting, which is a lifestyle, not a quick-fix diet.


Join other Banters in my group meetings and learn:


• To lose weight slowly and keep it off

• To look at food as medicine with the potential to heal

• To get excited about cooking and how to keep meal preparation simple

• To familiarise yourself with the RMR green, orange and red lists

• To know how much fat and protein you should eat daily

• To understand the weight loss plateau and what you can adjust if necessary

• To keep motivated even when the going gets tough