Glenda Van Blerk

Halyard Walk
Muizenberg, Western Cape 7945


Halyard Walk
Marina Da Gama, Muizenberg, Western Cape
South Africa


Certified Banting Coach
Certification Date: 5 July 2016


My Banting journey began at the age of 58 when, despite regular exercise, I could no longer control my increasing weight and expanding waistline. I followed a low Glycaemic Load (GL) eating plan as advised by a well renowned dietician without any success. Soon after my disappointment I tried a low-carb diet under recommendation from a friend and followed the program for 15 weeks.


To my absolute joy I managed to lose 8kg, 22cm and 10% of my body fat. What a revelation! Before Banting, I had never heard of removing carbs from one’s diet to lose weight, but it was certainly working for me! I then learned of Prof. Noakes and his opinions on the benefits of living low carb.


I took in as much information as possible, reading many articles and books in the process as well as listening to podcasts, etc. In the process I came across Gary Taubes and other experts who were all advocates of the diet. I suddenly realised that the LCHF lifestyle was just what I had been looking for. Not only was I losing weight on the diet, but I was also feeling more energetic and healthy all round. As somebody who values health and mentorship, I’m super excited for the opportunity I will have as a Certified Banting Coach to educate and support other people on their journey to health and wellness.