Alex Joyner

King Edward High School, School Street
Matatiele, Eastern Cape 4730


King Edward High School
School Street
Eastern Cape, Matatiele
South Africa


Certified Banting Coach
Certification Date: 29 July 2016


For my entire adult life I was lead to believe that the only way to keep weight under control was to eat whole wheat bread, pasta, fruit, fat-free dairy and vegetables, only a little meat and absolutely no fat. Along with this rather boring diet (which always left me hungry) went an insane amount of exercise.


This worked to a certain extent for a decade or two but it was damned hard work. When I hit 40 my weight started to creep up. I started distance running as well as religiously attending 4 aerobic classes a week. You would think that 3 hour training runs or 5 hour marathons would allow one to eat like the proverbial horse and never put on an ounce. No such luck. I was living proof that the calories in, calories out theory of weight loss simply does not work. The fact that we can’t shed weight or maintain our weight has absolutely nothing to do with our levels of exercise and has everything to do with the carbs we are eating.


Now that I am Banting I have cut back the amount of exercise that I do and am running simply because I love it. Eating real food and embracing good fats has given me the ability to maintain my ideal weight while enjoying energy levels and good health that I would never have thought possible.


I want to teach as many people as possible that Banting can be simple and budget-friendly and that it will most definitely change their lives.