Online Transformation Program

Heal your relationship with food so you can lose weight and keep it off without ever feeling anxious or deprived.

Date: 11 April 2022 (4 Months)
Price: $880 / £720 / R14,000

14 Weeks Including 'Rest Weeks' and Orientation
12 x 2 hour weekly online LIVE workshop, with break weeks
4 hours of self-paced reflection and homework per week

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A history of yo-yo dieting cannot be solved by another diet. At the heart of a tumultuous dieting history lies a tumultuous relationship with food. This relationship is linked to everything, from the relationships you have with people, to your self-worth and the way you see the world.

The Eating Psychology Online Transformation Program from Real Meal Revolution is designed to heal your relationship with yourself so you can heal your relationship with food. You’ll also gain the tools and knowledge to create and maintain a healthy, rich and fulfilling life for years to come.


I’ve been participating in programs with RMR for a long time, loving the connection to a community of like-minded folk. I have maintained a “normal” weight for many years now. But, late last year, I was struggling with a few extra kilos and, more painfully, my mental health (as have many in the current context of our world).On a whim, I decided to join the "Eat Psych” course. I knew the focus would not be on weight loss per se and at the time, this suited me. I am a Clinical Psychologist with many years experience, and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, or what I could gain. But a friend had recommended it, I knew I wasn’t looking for “therapy” per se and always believe that I have so much to learn from others. I began a remarkable 12 week journey in a group context (under the guidance of a very competent Clinical Psychologist, Victoria Webster) exploring topics that helped me make connections with so much that has gone awry in my life over the decades. I was able to explore so many of the issues that had fed in, in insidious ways to a gradual weight gain and finally, “obesity", despite huge amounts of money, effort and disappointment in trying so hard to manage my weight for well over half my life. I realised how disconnected I had become from myself, my body, my boundaries with others and between what I was putting in my mouth and what was happening in my mind and body. I began to see how past difficulties and trauma had impacted me in ways that I had not realised. I was provided with tools to begin to view myself differently and to reconnect to so much in my life and to begin to explore a new narrative for my future. Making the critical connections between eating and what was happening in my mind (my thoughts, beliefs, memories etc) and my emotions was a crucial part of this. I had already broken many strong patterns of poor eating habits over the years prior in my journey with RMR, but the course helped me to progress things further and my mental health has been the better for this. I am very grateful to Victoria, our Mindset Coach, Tessa and the group.
Helen Perry
Clinical Psychologist
I gained self-help tools to correct all sorts of negative thinking patterns. I use it to reduce anxiety. We all have negative thoughts from time to time. I am more focused on replacing negative thoughts and reactions with more positive alternative thoughts and behaviours. It taught me that our thought processes shape the way we feel, behave, and even our relationships with others and food.
Vanessa McCleland
Brackenfell, Cape Town, South Africa
I have learned so much about my own self and mindfulness. The honesty and vulnerability of all of us in the group has been so inspiring. The support is profound. I never thought I would beable to 'expose' myself but it has been incredibly liberating! Everyone will benefit enormously from this program.
Liz Turnbull
Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa
The program offers me an opportunity to unpack my beliefs about myself and my intrinsic worth as a human being with a view to transforming both myself and my future in a way that allows me to live a whole hearted life - filled with a sense of purpose, connection and truly joyful.
Tessa Whitfield
Durban, South Africa
Although I have already lost 8kgs in 12 weeks with the RMR I now understand through doing the Psychology of Eating Course, that if I am ever to have long-term success in my weight loss journey to health and happiness, I have to confront and address the negative perceptions, thoughts and feelings I have about myself. I am finding that I am really benefitting from the course and look forward to achieving success!
Tertia Behr
Penzing, Vienna, Austria
The compassionate deep sharing in this program uncovered the real connections between my life, my health and my food. I feel inspired with a clear direction, at peace with myself and my health.
This program gave me the structure, tools, confidence and safety to dig deep. I am now, after 55years, experiencing the deliberating freedom that closure and forgiveness of my poor 15year old self brought me. I was able to detect patterns and habits around food and other coping mechanisms that held me back and deprived me of so much in my life. BUT I am looking so forward to experience the life that a free me will live from here on. A free me with a body and mind as healthy as possible without feelings of deprivation - just gratitude and joy!
Rut Prinsloo
Kuilsrivier, Cape Town, South Africa
I've spent 3 decades losing weight, then putting on double or triple that weight; using every diet from cabbage soup, to weekly weigh in clubs, and everything in between. After only 3 weeks of the Psychology of Eating program, I have gained more insight into the patterns sustaining that behaviour, than I have in the preceeding 30 years. For the first time I have hope and excitement for the future, all wrapped in a huge dollop of gratitude. Oh, and best of all, I have lost 15kg so far, and it has not returned. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Maggi Gargan
This program opened my eyes and woke me up to the real reasons I struggle with food and binges. I am now learning to apply the lessons and tools provided into my life and I can honestly say that it is a game changer !!!
Kim Martins
Ballito, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
This programme dives straight into the reasons we use food as a crutch, and educates and equips me to recognise the negative triggers and channel them appropriately. Food and I are now best friends. We can tolerate each other! #Grateful
Helen Steyn
Primrose, Germiston, South Africa
This program will change your weight-loss journey into sustainable weight-loss by absolutely blowing your mind.
Desiree Muller
Potchefstroom, South Africa
I feel like I have had a total life revelation! For the first time in years I have been able to move out of life paralysis and start making enjoyable and healthy choices for myself that extend far beyond the food I put into my mouth. I have always tried to treat the symptom (weight gain) and have never looked at the cause. This course will take you back to square one so that you can understand why you do what you do and then nurture you through making different decisions. The result is not only weight loss but a totally holistic and sustainable life improvement.
Jess Barker
Sedgefield, South Africa
An incredible opportunity that will help you look back over your life, recognise patterns and reframe your experiences so that your future choices prioritise your health and well-being. Absolutely transformative, like shedding an old skin.
Deb Cleveland
North Balgowlah, Sydney, Australia


This Transformation Program focuses on leading participants through breakthroughs needed to reset the clock on a twisted history of dieting. Through a rolling assignment on yourself, you unpack the story of your weight and rewrite a new story to live into. You will discover the elements of your life that have left you feeling empty and how to fill them without food. You will learn how to create uplifting beliefs and values that improve your self-worth, giving you a life of meaning. By the end of 12 weeks, you will feel lighter, enriched, connected and whole, with a deep understanding and acceptance of yourself.


In 2020, RMR launched a campaign to partner with world-leaders to take their coaching and behaviour change expertise in Food Transformation beyond the kitchen. This move is driven by RMR’s goal to tackle the greater eating picture, which is made up of systemic cultural, socio-economic, financial and commercial elements. RMR’s scope extends to all areas of behaviour change, which provides all members with an opportunity to not only transform their diets, but their lives.


Led by Jonno Proudfoot and his team of scientists, dietitians and coaches, The Real Meal Revolution is South Africa’s leader in Food Transformation, active in reversing the obesity and chronic ill health epidemic since being founded in November 2013. Each month RMR enables thousands of people to take back their power by teaching them how to reverse chronic ill health, and shed weight without medication or surgery through online education and coaching.


Clinical Psychologist, Eating Psychology Coach, Addiction Specialist and Nutrition Coach
BA (UCT), BA Hons (UCT) MA SocSci (UCT), MA Clin Psych (WITS) Society of South Africa.

“If you keep going where you are going, you will end up where you are heading” Victoria’s passion lies in behavioural and emotional difficulties and how they overlap.

After working in several government psychiatric institutions, including Tara Hospital where she worked in the eating disorder unit, Victoria earned her stripes in one of South Africa’s toughest rehab facilities working with drug, alcohol and sugar addiction.

Victoria’s work in sugar addiction and eating disorders sparked her passion for physical well-being and the impact that eating and exercise has on emotional functioning.

Victoria is a master facilitator and her academic work has been published in the Journal of Neurovirology. She is a regular speaker for the Psychological Society of South Africa.


MODULE 1 - Onboarding and Introduction to Mental Health

MODULE 1 - Onboarding and Introduction to Mental Health


Jonno, Victoria and team will welcome you to the program while you get a chance to connect with fellow participants. You’ll get the tour and a little taste of what is to come while exploring the navigation and tools of your Online Transformation Platform.

You’ll leave knowing what you can expect from our team and what you can expect from yourself in order to experience true transformation.

In this workshop, you will make commitments to yourself and the team to create a safe, trustworthy space that facilitates healing and growth.

The module ends with your first chunk of learning and your first assignment designed to develop a status quo on your mental and emotional vitality.

MODULE 2 - Eating Psychology and Vulnerability

MODULE 2 - Eating Psychology and Vulnerability


This module dives deep into the history of your relationship with food, and connects it to your relationship with yourself and other areas of your life.

This is the first step to regaining control over eating.

MODULE 3 - Connection

MODULE 3 - Connection


This module connects the dots between the 9 connections of a rich life. You will gain insight into what has left you feeling empty, and what you need to feel whole and connected, without food.

MODULE 4 - Beliefs

MODULE 4 - Beliefs


In this module you will unlearn decades of misinformation and self-limiting beliefs that have shaped your relationship with yourself, your body and the food you eat.

You will consciously create a new identity which reflects who you want to be in this world.

MODULE 5 - Awareness

MODULE 5 - Awareness


In this module, you will develop awareness of the people, places and things that lead you to lose control. You will leave this module equipped with tools and tactics to gain control over these three threats.

MODULE 6 - Self-Worth

MODULE 6 - Self-Worth


In this module you learn the difference between self-worth and self-esteem, and their impact on your relationship with food. You will get an understanding of how your current relationship with food and your body mirrors your perceived self-worth. When you have finished this module, you will untangle your weight from your self-worth.

MODULE 7 - Shame and Guilt

MODULE 7 - Shame and Guilt


This module teaches you the difference between shame and guilt, and how these two powerful emotions serve us, and destroy us. This module is designed to overcome shame, and relearn courage in a way that inspires you to try new things and set new goals in spite of the fear of failure.

MODULE 8 - Biofeedback

MODULE 8 - Biofeedback


In this module you will gain greater awareness of many physiological functions of your own body with a goal of being able to manipulate the body's systems at will using ‘Mind-Body Nutrition’.

MODULE 9 - Relationships

MODULE 9 - Relationships


In this module, you will discover how the relationships in your life are connected to out-of-control eating. You may also uncover relationships that empower you more than you thought. Ultimately, this module is designed to equip you with the skills to notice when relationships impact other areas of your life, and how to address them.

MODULE 10 - Boundaries

MODULE 10 - Boundaries


As a powerful follow-on from the previous module, this module empowers you to create boundaries with yourself and others and teaches you how to maintain them and why it is so important for the future of your health.

MODULE 11 - Body Image

MODULE 11 - Body Image


This module exposes the truth about body image and body wisdom. When you have completed this module, you know how to make peace with your body and what you put in it.

MODULE 12 - Resilience

MODULE 12 - Resilience


In the final module, you will develop sustainable methods and techniques to apply in everyday life to maintain resilience, whatever the situation.


The RMR Eating Psychology Online Transformation Program has been developed for women who have had a lifelong battle with their weight, and a tumultuous relationship with food.

This program will teach you what is at the bottom of your distorted relationship with food so you can move forward in good health, at a normal weight, and use food to nourish your body and your mind.

You will shift from using food to soothe feelings, to using food for fuel that enables you to do things you love, with people you love, in a life that you truly love.

The RMR Eating Psychology Online Transformation Program will rebuild your self-worth and self-esteem, give you tools to overcome setbacks while establishing rock solid habits to build a strong foundation for a free, healthy and happy you.



A breakthrough in what drives you to eat, deep down inside, beyond simple biology


Awareness and in-depth knowledge of how your psychology is linked to our impulses and what to do to dissolve them

Practical Skills

Practical skills and tools that you will use to take control of food, and every other area of your life



Real Meal Revolution and Victoria Webster are collaborating to deliver this Online Transformation Program which provides a personalised approach to Online Programs designed to facilitate breakthroughs and deeper human connection.


A subject matter expert who’ll guide you through the content and your homework.


Your one-on-one support, available during university hours (8am–5pm SAST), to resolve any speed bumps with homework, technical or administrative challenges.


Available 8am–5pm (SAST) to solve your tech-related and administrative queries and concerns.

"I am more focused on replacing negative thoughts and reactions with more positive alternative thoughts and behaviours"
Vanessa - Capetown South Africa



In order to experience this Online Transformation Program, you’ll need a current email account and access to a computer and the internet, as well as a PDF Reader.


We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when accessing the Transformation Platform. Although this is not a requirement, we have found that this browser performs best for ease of access to course material.
This browser can be downloaded here.


Please make sure you have downloaded Zoom and that you have checked that your mic and camera are both working. The workshops, where most of the magic happens, are hosted on Zoom.

Please go here to set up Zoom in advance. It is free and takes about three minutes.

Please check with an Enrolment Hero before registering for this course, if you have any concerns about the technology affecting your experience with the Online Transformation Platform.


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