The Banting Diet Transformation Phase

Banting Diet Transformation Phase is our ‘bread and butter’. Not just the phase of Banting, but transformation itself.

We play to win for those who want Awesome Health and are willing to stop at nothing to keep improving. We fight for people who want to relish in life.


Transformation is our ‘WHY’. We believe in it. We live it. We stand for it.

If you want to lose 5kg for a big event in a few weeks’ time, you have come to the wrong place. We don’t do quick fixes.

Change can change back. Transformation is timeless.

Change happens when you add or remove things to your routine. Transformation happens when you add or remove things from who you are. And that’s where the magic happens.

Everything we teach our members up to this point primes them for this big step. Transformation is the third phase of the Banting diet. It is designed to push you and your body into rapid weight loss and metabolic recovery. After this, there is no going back.

What does Transformation entail?

Transformation continues with the good food foundation laid out during Restoration. You will keep eating fertilisers and unlimited quantities from the Green List every day, but you adhere to the limits on the Orange A List. You also cut out Orange B, Light Red and Red lists of the Real Lists from your routine.  Half way through Transformation, we introduce a number of additional tweaks to up the ante.

How long?

As long as it takes you to reach your Awesome Weight. Some lose weight at a rate of 500g per week during this phase while some have lost up to 10kg in just one week.

Transformation 1


Transformation puts your body into a fat burning state, in which you burn your own stored fat as fuel. The techniques in Transformation are at the cutting edge of weight loss and modern diabetes treatment.

Aside from the dramatic weight loss and health benefits of Transformation, it has also shown to stimulate focus and mental clarity, improve sleep, increase energy levels, completely eradicate joint pain, improve acne and skin irritations and improve libido (true story).