The Banting Diet Restoration Phase

Banting Diet Restoration Phase is the second phase of the Banting Diet, Real Meal Revolution’s uniquely formulated low carb diet.
Restoration is designed to restore your gut and your habits in preparation for the rapid weight loss phase.
This is also the first phase that the Real Lists step into action.

What does Restoration entail?

Your first step during Restoration is to cut out all foods form the Red List and Light Red List in the Real Meal Revolution Real Lists. After you take out the bad foods, you reintroduce the good foods, starting with a daily dose of fertilisers. Fertilisers are the nickname we give all foods that assist in restoring your gut lining, which helps your digestive system, your immune system and your mind bang on all cylinders. You need that.

How long?

One week for every 5kg between your current weight and your Awesome Weight.

Restoration 1


Restoration is the Banting Diet’s soft landing to low carb weight loss and health interventions. By following the rules of Restoration phase properly, you will prevent any side-effects synonymous with regular low carbs diets while we help you nurture good habits.