The Banting Diet Preservation Phase

Preservation is the fourth and final phase of the Banting diet, Real Meal Revolution’s uniquely formulated low carb diet.
Preservation is designed for those who are able to be more flexible with their diets without it having an impact on their weight and health.

What does Transformation entail?

During Preservation, you will investigate the foods that you can and can’t eat without gaining weight. You will slowly add foods from the Orange B and Light Red lists of the Real Lists. You no longer need to follow the quantity guidelines, but you will follow the top tier guidelines which are as follows:


Green – Eat your fill

Orange – Exercise control

Light Red – Hardly Ever

Real Red – Never Ever

Grey – Your call


Once you are enjoying the fruits of Preservation, you may be tempted to step back into the dark side. Our adviceto you, if you fall off the ‘Bant-wagon’, is to throw yourself straight back intoTransformation until you are back at your Awesome Weight, then proceed with caution.

How long?

For the rest of your life.

Preservation 1


The goal of Preservation is to keep you feeling supremely healthy with enhanced mental clarity, improved sleep, increased energy levels, completely free of joint pain, with clear skin and a healthy libido. Only this time, with some clear yet flexible rules that allow you the enjoyment of some foods that you may have missed along your way.