Seriously! The lists are changing.

“Progress is impossible without change.” George Bernard Shaw

You’re probably a little confused by the title of this article if you remember reading, “The lists keep changing, but do they?” Our beliefs are still the same: we believe in eating real foods and avoiding all processed goods, refined carbs and sugars.

In December 2016, we will be unveiling Banting 2.0, “the evolution of the revolution,” which will guide Banters through four phases of Banting:

Observe | Restore | Transform | Preserve

This is the culmination of everything we have learned since The Real Meal Revolution red book was first published in 2013. We know that weight loss is not a once size fits all, so this new approach to health and weight loss is based on each individual’s needs and health issues.

Banting 2.0 is a gentler approach to sustained health and weight loss, with special emphasis on lifestyle and healing. Each phase has been carefully thought out to heal the mind and body and prevent side effects for long term weight loss and wellness.

But with a new format, come the new lists.

The Light Red List:

Recognising our differing insulin resistant levels, the Light-Red list makes some foods that were previously on the Red list available to certain people at certain times. These foods are higher in carbs, but are not unhealthy for any other reason. The Light-Red list may be eaten freely during Observe and during Preserve, if you’re wanting to up your carb intake, and your body has healed enough.

The Grey List:

The Grey list is made up of foods, drinks, and additives that we’re neither confident in giving blanket permission nor blanket denial. Each item may have a place in our lives or cultures, but we don’t believe they are strictly beneficial for your health. They may, however, be beneficial for your sanity which can be equally important – we will leave that decision to you.

With our aim for Banting 2.0 being a sustained lifestyle, we’re giving you more choice with what you eat, but this doesn’t mean that you should go bananas. We hope to provide you with all of the tools so that you will be able to make informed decisions about what you put in your mouth, for a lifetime of rude health.

In the spirit of awesomeness, we’re giving anyone who takes our current Online Program before we launch Banting 2.0 free access to Banting 2.0. Don’t miss out.

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