Real People giving real qualified advice, like Gerda Bruwer.

“My life’s work was born out of my personal journey of healing my own food, emotional and body challenges,” says Gerda.

At Real Meal Revolution we believe that the people who provide the best help and advice are those who have been there themselves, that’s why we are excited to have Gerda Bruwer, a qualified Eating Psychology & Nutrition Coach, as one of our Certified Banting Coaches (CBCs).

Gerda offers up the following “banter” on her personal Banting journey:

“Real Story:”

“We do not fail diets; diets fail us.” From my teens until my early 50s I struggled with body weight and food, using and abusing it, in direct proportion to where I was in my life. Happiness equalled being thin, and unhappiness equalled being fat. We keep failing because the strategy that seems to work for ‘everybody else’ does not acknowledge our past or our own UNIQUE LIFE JOURNEY.

I finally had had enough of always having to fight food and flab in some way, and I started the journey back to believing in myself again. What we eat is only half the story. The other half is who we are as eaters. I am living proof that you can live free from other’s diets and be your thinner happier self at the same time. On my journey back to myself, I lost 30kgs of baggage along the way.”

“Real Influence:”

"There is a powerful and intimate connection between women and food. Through my group meetings, we get to the root cause of our weight problems with a holistic understanding that honours all aspects of who we are as eaters: body, mind, heart and soul.

I use the body-mind connection, eating psychology, nutrition, metaphysics, the subconscious mind, energy psychology, and the latest from neuroscience to heal the core compulsion of struggle, so you can trust your body again. At my meetings, you will learn how I overcame my own body, weight, and emotional issues, and to use these skills and tools for your own benefit."

To many of us, achieving happiness in our appearance is only part of our Banting journey. Gerda’s approach is about weight and its loss in a self-loving, sustainable way. We’ve got to heal the relationship between body-mind-spirit first. It’s not only about physical transformation, but emotional and mental transformation as well.

Here is what some of Gerda’s clients have to say:

“Real Testimonials:”

 “I suppressed so much by becoming a sugar addict, sabotaging myself for years. Now I have a new awareness. I have learnt that nothing is forbidden, that it is about choices, about real food most of the time, but most of all, to accept myself!”
“Being lead to information on the latest research into nutrition, and our brain and body, has been very liberating indeed.”
“I have learnt to change my old patterns of self-abuse and blame. I learnt to listen to my body and its needs.”
“Your message is something the world needs to know! I now feel ready to take on the world, no-body or my-body will keep me back again. Thanks Gerda, you’re the best!”
“Thank you for your awesome guidance, wisdom and advice. This has really changed my life for the better.”
“Gerda, your unique guidance and methods have truly inspired me. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful.”

Recently, science has shown that support groups trump individual care for weight loss. By joining one of Gerda’s Real Groups you will be given a platform for communication, accountability and nurture, with an experienced hand to guide you along the way.

For more "banter" on Gerda’s personal story and to view her groups, visit her homepage.

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