Join a Real Group for Real Success

Why should you join a Real Group?

A Real Group is a safe space where individuals meet face-to-face in order to achieve health and weight loss goals through Banting.

Each Real Group is run by a Certified Banting Coach, who has been trained by Real Meal Revolution and has a personal Banting success story to share.

If you are looking to change your life for the better but are struggling with your health aspirations, a Real Group is the perfect place for you.

In a recent study science shows that diet groups trump individual care.

It has been proven that by telling people about your goal, by joining like-minded people who have the same goal, and by asking for help, your odds of success are drastically improved.

Do you find it hard to stay motivated?
Do you want the encouragement from like-minded people?
Are you looking for inspiration?
Do you want personal guidance from someone who has been in your situation?
Are you looking for a face-to-face interaction?

If you answered yes to these questions then, follow these instructions below:

Click here to find a group that suits you. Easily search for a group, based on your location and unique preferences. Find your perfect fit by viewing the Certified Banting Coach's personal Banting testimonial, key focus areas, meeting schedules, and ratings and reviews from current group members.

Learn from your new community of Banters. Each member of your new Banting community has a story to share. Become a better Banter by learning from their experiences, and have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge to new Banters when the time arises.

Enjoy every minute of a happier, healthier you. A chance of a better life starts with a choice. A simple choice to focus on your health could create a trigger reaction that weaves its way into other aspects of your life, leading to a happier more fulfilled existence.

Find a Real Group today!

We look forward to having you part of the revolution.

The Real Meal team

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