Banting gave Coreen Walstra renewed energy to start ticking things off her bucket list again!

Banting has given Coreen a renewed energy to increase the number of ticks on her bucket list.

Coreen was diagnosed with a chronic liver disease just after birth and has been taking chronic medication ever since. She has to pay careful attention to what she eats and go for regular blood tests. One of the medications has also given her a tremor. Coreen’s new zest for life stems not only from increased energy and fitness but weight loss and improved health as well; all of which she attributes to Banting. Coreen also considers Banting to be an easy lifestyle to sustain because of the variety of delicious meals and recipes. She believes Banting is the best way to regain control of your life, and she wants you to help you do it too!

Coreen has been trained by the Real Meal Revolution to become a Certified Banting Coach (CBC). In this way, as a CBC she can share her story with her real group members and give them a platform to share theirs. Real Groups are Banting support groups, offered online or face-to-face.

Coreen shares some “Banter” on her personal Banting journey:

“Many people out there know the frustrations of ‘eating healthily’ and still gaining weight! Before I started Banting, I felt this way all the time. I then learned, through The Real Meal Revolution, about the adverse effects of carbohydrates and sugar on the body. I was under the illusion that regular exercise and enough fruit meant that I could eat all the pasta and ice cream that I liked!

Not only did I steadily gain weight but also before Banting became a part of my life, my liver disease was getting progressively worse. This was when I decided to start Banting! The delicious low carb high fat (LCHF) meals I made from Jonno’s marvelous recipes had me losing weight like I never believed possible!

Since I started Banting my blood results are the best they’ve been in years, my tremor has almost stopped, and I feel so healthy and full of energy. Banting has also reduced my need for a liver transplant. As I happily shed the kilograms I’m also able to exercise with more ease – my running times have improved, which gives me more inspiration to keep up the good work.

The Real Meal Revolution has inspired me to focus my energy on increasing the number of ticks on my Bucket List! As a CBC, I commit to changing the lives of my fellow Banters one delicious meal at a time. Join my group meetings and let’s achieve all of our goals and dreams as a team!”

For more "banter" on Coreen’s personal story and to see “Real Groups” that you can join, visit her homepage.

There are currently 120 passionate and dedicated Certified Banting Coaches across the world, each with a unique approach to health and weight loss, in our system. To find a group that suits your specific needs click here or to join one of Coreen’s Real Groups visit her homepage.

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