Banting belongs to the people.

Real Meal Revolution has made it pretty clear that we want people to educate themselves about what they eat and what they shouldn’t. We encourage people to look at the labels and question everything they are told.

In the Banting arena, there are hundreds of people asserting that products are Banting-Friendly. I take my hat off to these people. Products that help improve the lives of others, and make it easier and more accessible for everyone to eat healthier, are both needed and noble.

We have made it very clear that WE WILL NEVER RELEASE A RANGE OF CERTIFIED PRODUCTS because it goes against the whole concept of what we classify Banting to be. We would not urge the public to question everything and rise up against authority, and then turn around and create our own brand of certified goods because that in itself would be sending a message to stop questioning authority.

We are not about to go against everything we stand for.

By the same token, if someone sells supposed Banting-friendly food that contains ingredients that aren’t cool, I would expect Banters to pick them out.

The word ‘Banting’ cannot be trademarked and for this reason, Banting belongs to the people.

What makes me rage is when people are dishonest. Banting or not. I am afraid I have to pick out a brand who I feel has done the unthinkable.

I recently walked past a store and noticed a big red sign by Banting-on-the-Go with a ‘Banting™’ logo on it. Obviously, I thought it was quite cheeky seeing as though I know for a fact that:

  1. You can only use the ™ symbol if you are claiming trademark rights for that name
  2. The word BANTING cannot be registered on its own because it is a generic term for a type of diet
  3. The Banting diet gets its name from William Banting

I asked the shopkeeper about it, and he said that the sales manager for Banting-on-the-Go told him that Banting-on-the-Go officially owned the ‘Banting’ trademark and that Banting-on-the-Go has the right to sue anyone who used the term without their permission.


After a bit of research, I heard that most of the Banting vendors in my network had been told the same thing, by the same people.

So I paid a visit to the trademark registrar and saw how approved their trademark application really was. This is what I found:

In the snippet above you will see the term ‘Provisionally Refused’ as the status – Logogistics CC, ZA being the entity that is trying to register it. In layman’s terms, in this case, ‘provisionally refused’ means, ‘not a chance in hell will this get approved, you complete opportunist.’

It turns out that the Registrar doesn’t think that the word BANTING, used on its own, is capable of distinguishing products. If a trademark can’t distinguish your products, then it’s not a trademark. The reason why the Registrar provisionally refused this trademark is because no one can have a monopoly on the word BANTING.

Our view is that everyone can use the word BANTING, they must just use it correctly.

Furthermore, you will see that ‘Banting-on-the-Go’ has been ‘Accepted with Conditions.' I’m not a betting man, but I’ll bet that the conditions on this trademark are that the entire phrase must be used and NOT just the word ‘Banting.'

What is beyond me is how these guys have the nerve to lie in their branding, lie to their own customers, but most importantly, lie to the general public.

Last time I checked, that was the kind of stuff pharmaceutical companies, and nutritional authorities did.

There is no such thing as 100% APPROVED BANTING™ OFFICIAL PRODUCTS so you are selling a lie. Telling customers you own the thing you are selling when you do not is naughty.

Banting-on-the-Go – your product range had a chance of helping people, but your approach has poisoned the fibre of our movement. You are no better than the drug peddlers and corporations that have fed us lies for far too long, and whose damage we are trying to undo.

You have bullied your way into the spotlight – and that is something I won’t stand for.

Every single person who houses one of your vending machines or who has bought one of your franchises needs to know that you are a liar, and we will keep telling them until you apologise for lying to the public and instilling fear in your customers, and until you remove your Banting™ logo from your branding.

Banting has, and always will, belong to the people.


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